Free fitness for February: End of week 2

As you might remember, I’ve been trying to get fitter this month without parting with any cash, and I managed to exercise on five days last week.

I said I was going to see what free equipment and other things I could lay my hands on. Well, a quick look around the house and shed has revealed two yoga mats and some mini dumbbells (in pink, bletch, but beggars can’t be choosers), which is a start. Was also reminded that I had a free rental code for LoveFilm who might send me an exercise DVD instead of a movie, although there was no guarantee of when it might arrive.

Here’s how the second week went:

  • Monday: Still had a sore throat and some queasiness when I woke up, so decided to stick with ‘safe’ exercise. Did an hour of step on top speed, and 50 sit-ups. No problem at the time, and by the afternoon I was feeling a lot healthier too.
  • Tuesday: Pilates matwork from a recorded TV show. Way better than the one I tried last week, this one was a good half an hour of proper exercises that went on for 30 minutes without any annoying ad breaks. Felt nice and toned after the matwork, without having overdone it.
  • Wednesday: Half an hour of step at top speed with hand weights, half an hour of Wii fit running and coordination games, 50 sit-ups. Tired before I started, shattered afterwards.
  • Thursday: Lower-body workout from a recorded TV show. About 25 minutes of continuous, fairly challenging exercises – could feel the muscles working hard. Right knee making crunching noises so was extra careful with lunges etc.
  • Friday: Rest day. No delayed muscle pain, but feeling washed out and sleepy.

How did it go? On Monday I could already feel some improvement in muscle tone, which was extremely encouraging. My appetite has increased too, and I’m eating more to make sure I don’t lose weight.

What’s next? Will be doing some Wii Fit later this afternoon, to make it 5 sessions for this week again. I’m dying to go for a swim, so hopefully next week I’ll be able to find a free trial at a gym that has a pool. Watch this space. Still waiting to see whether LoveFilm are going to send me an exercise DVD or not.

Are you getting fit at the moment, or boosting current levels of fitness? Any ideas for me that involve no spending?

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