For February: Four fabulous frolics

Hello. Second of February already. Where does the time go? Meanwhile, it’s a leap year and including today there are exactly four weeks to make good use of…

After all the activities during Jump Start January I noticed that some things needed to be reprised and built upon, and also that quite a lot had been missed out and needed some attention, so I’ve decided to have four more Jump Start weeks during the month of February. Here they are:

1. Fun/happy stuff week (joy! treats!) 2 – 8 Feb

2. Friends (social on a budget) 9 – 15 Feb

3. Freelancing (projects! troubleshooting!) 16 – 22 Feb

4. Fitness (like Free Fitness February last year, but more bijou and compact) 23 – 29 Feb

The more eagle-eyed amongst you will have noticed that this will be F-F-F-F-February, which is perfect because I’ve just seen the late night weather forecast and it’s going to be farkin’ freezing. If you’d like to join in or just see what the Dickens I’m getting up to, the Twitter hashtag will be #4FFeb.

And it’s also Day 1 of Week 1 – today I’ve been reviewing Instructions for Happiness… by Susie Pearl to get in the right mood and challenge the old grey matter. I’ll post that tomorrow, along with the plan for the rest of the week.

What are your plans for February?

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