Fiver Week: Wednesday

Day three, and I’ve managed to go one more day without spending any money, although I’m sure that will change tomorrow. But for today I’ve managed to avoid eating out, buying coffees or snacks, impulse purchases and general window shopping.

Cutting right back on the spending makes it really difficult to meet up with your friends, which is not much fun at all, but at least I’ve been making the most of email, and free texts and mobile talk time. Nice to know I’m not the only person looking out for free or very cheap things to do too either!

So far this week I’ve tried to spend some time each day doing thrifty chores, followed by some time doing nice but cheap/free things. Today I caught up with everything that needed sorting out in my kitchen garden – mostly sequential sowings of herbs, salads and veggies to ensure a constant supply of tasty things to eat (will do a garden update separately in a day or two for the gardening fans).

Then I had a quick dinner of grilled halloumi and salad with mint to use up things in the fridge. There was even some left over strawberry granita from a couple of weeks ago for dessert.  Not bad going really, and much much better than economy beans on toast.

Then it was home spa night. It is amazing how many beauty products and samples the average woman has lying around barely used. I made up some brown sugar and vanilla body scrub (let me know if you want the easy recipe), jumped in the shower and scrubbed up, then washed everything off with some posh shower gel. I followed that with a hair mask with a hot towel wrapped round it, a face pack from the back of the cupboard, and a load of coconut body butter slapped all over.

Now I smell like a bounty bar, yum. The finishing touch was a quick manicure and pedicure, and I’m going to put a load of foot cream on my feet in a minute and go to sleep with a pair of loose cotton socks on for really sweet feet.

I should do home spa night more often. It doesn’t cost much at all and it makes you feel great. Next time I will get some exercise in there too, but as I didn’t start until 10pm there wasn’t really any time. At least I’ll look reasonably groomed for tomorrow, which is going to be a Big Night Out. That’s going to be the trickiest part of the week, no two ways about it.

Are you having a ‘fiver week’ too? How are you getting on?

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  1. Thank you for the kind wishes! The tickets were paid for beforehand, and I may have some food and drink karma coming my way but even then it’s going to be difficult…

  2. Hey Penny! Spa night sounds better than money could buy, quite frankly. Er.. I have just copped out of Fiver Week… by getting a job! Win? x

  3. You are an inspiration……I wasted £10.95 on a main course yesterday and didn’t like it so fed it to my pooch …..hmmmm, I could take a leaf out of your book! xxx

  4. Hi Ellie – Yay! Congratulations on the new job – well done you!!! PS can you lend us a fiver? xx

    Hi Loretta – Should I be feeling sorry for the dog if it was that bad? Oh dear. Still, if it had tasted amazing, it wouldn’t have been a waste, at least. P x

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