Fiver week: Tuesday

It has been very difficult today as there are so many things I want to do or buy, but I’ve been quite lucky that I’ve managed to stay out of the high street and online shops. Also managed a cheap lunch, turning a bit of mousetrap and some frozen bread into weather-beating cheese toasties.

There’s a luxe sale of Missoni silk scarves at TheOutnet, and at the other end of the sale scale, La Redoute have tops for £2.65 and Matalan have fab baseball boots for £2.50. Must. Resist.

Anyway, have been keeping myself busy with writing and pitching, and keeping up with old friends. The plan to sort out the back garden went awry when it wouldn’t stop raining, so I decided to tackle the mending/alterations pile for an hour instead. So far I’ve managed to alter one silk dress, darn a fine knit cardigan (no idea how I tore a hole in it) and sew buttons back onto my favourite shirt. Not bad going.

But tonight was mainly supposed to be Cheap Date night. I even put a nice frock on, you know. After a lot of palaver I’ve finally managed to get my beloved cookbooks back from storage and have been cooking up a storm. I found a bottle of wine left over from a dinner party and chilled it down in the fridge to go with some Glamorgan sausages, chive mash, peas and beans, and baked mushrooms in tamari gravy.

Music, candles, good food etc etc, and no telly, all make for an excellent night in. Now, if you’ll excuse me…

Think tomorrow will have to be Home Spa Night. Watch this space.

Are you doing a £5 challenge yourself? How are you keeping yourself amused?

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