Fiver Week: Monday

Day 1 of the £5 challenge week, and I’ve made it through the first day without breaking into that £5 note.

Let’s face it though, Mondays are easy. There are leftovers to eat from the weekend, and there’s less pressure to rush out to the shops. Most people are having a quiet one at the start of the week too, so it’s easy to follow suit. No need to go out, or even to make excuses not to go out.

Hello to Lazy Monday. Finished work a bit late, got a load of laundry done, tidied up the house, and fed the kitties. Then I whipped up a quick omelette (no slaving over a hot stove for more than 2 minutes) with herbs and and veg from the garden and got on with some serious Lazy.

That included putting my feet up in front of a daft movie starring William H. Macy, and having a little heart to heart with Disco Biscuit the cat, who did most of the talking.

I’ve also been sent a freebie relaxation CD from Healthier Scotland, so I might give that a whirl in a minute. It says not to play it whilst driving or operating heavy machinery. Yikes. If it’s any good I’ll give out the link to it tomorrow.

Speaking of tomorrow, it’s nearly Cheap Date Tuesday already. Night night.

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