Five things making lockdown easier this week, mid June 2020

5 things I am loving this week mid June lockdown edition

Time for a few tiny treats! It’s been a while since I did a round up of everything I’m loving at the moment, so here’s an update of some new discoveries and a favourite or two that have come back onto the scene during lockdown life.

facetheory Azeclear azelaic acid serum A15 | £24.99 for 30ml. Buy here.

I’m known for being kinda cynical about the claims made for most skincare products, but breaking with my usual tradition this might be the best, most effective serum I’ve ever used. I got a bit of mild to moderate ‘lockdown skin’, where my skin was dry and oily, sensitive and breaking out all at the same time, so I decided to look for a does-it-all product with a known percentage of active ingredients to nip it in the bud. Top of my list was an azelaic acid product with a concentration of at least 15%, but I wanted it to be without alcohol and silicones, not needing a prescription, and at a sensible price. Quite the ask.

This was the only off the shelf product that fit the bill, and fortunately it’s turned out to be fairly gentle yet very thorough. The azelaic acid is well formulated, and at a concentration that can kill bad bacteria, reduce uneven pigmentation, refine pores, brighten the skin, smooth fine lines and reduce redness. It also contains soothing colloidal oatmeal, and other antioxidants such as green tea, rosehip seed extract and chamomile. My skin is healing nicely after less than three weeks and it hasn’t looked this good in ages. Obviously everyone responds differently to skincare products, and you need to ease into using this slowly and remember to use sunscreen, but the company offers a 365 day refund policy so it can be tried risk free. I used code FB30 to get 30% off my first order.

Love Cocoa Earl Grey 37% Organic Milk Chocolate Bar | £4.00, buy here.

This is a completely delicious, silky bar of top quality handmade organic milk chocolate, delicately flavoured with vanilla extract and organic bergamot oil. It pairs beautifully with Earl Grey tea or a nice cup of assam too, in case you’re going for a luxury tea break. One to be eaten very slowly and savoured.

The Bitter Truth olive bitters | £13.03 for large bottle.

I’m not really drinking alcohol at the moment in an attempt to be extra healthy, but seeing as I’m often partial to dry, dry drinks – including the occasional dirty gin martini – these olive bitters are a nice compromise mixed into tonic water. Admittedly, most bitters are 40% proof but you only need three drops per glass so the alcohol content is negligible. The 200ml bottle could last for years…

Collection Extreme 24 Hour felt tip eyeliner in brown | £2.99. Buy at Superdrug or Boots.

There’s nothing particularly ‘extreme’ about this felt tip eyeliner, but it’s easy to apply and the ink lasts for several hours so it’s a case of chucking it on and looking a little more polished for the day with minimum effort and fuss. The colour isn’t too harsh, and you get a couple of seconds to smudge the edges for a soft but flattering look. Ideal for that impromptu Zoom meeting where you want to look put together and professional and not at all like you’ve been watching a Netflix marathon slobbed out on the sofa in your PJs. Less than three quid as well, bargain.

Lékué 4 x 60ml Mini Silicone Ice Lolly Moulds | £14.90. Buy at Amazon.

These durable, reusable ice lolly moulds are easy to use and clean, and unlike many other moulds they can be used singly or in combination. They freeze in a horizontal position rather than vertically, which is ideal for small or very full freezers, and they stack on top of each other. Make your own lollies with orange juice, milks, lemonade or any other drink for just a few pence. We’ve even used the drained off juice from tins of pineapple to make them. You get to control exactly what goes into your lollies, and make as many as you want all summer long. What’s not to like?


Seen anything you like the look of? I’ll be back tomorrow with some of the best lockdown entertainment and quarantine culture available this week for your viewing pleasure.


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