Five things I’m loving this week: 5th Feb 2018

Things I love this week early February 2018

The nights are getting lighter, but it’s still a little cold and dark for my liking, so I’ve been looking out for a few affordable treats here and there. These are some recent finds and a rediscovered old favourite or two that have been cheering me up recently.

First up we have Itsu’s new vegetable fusion gyozas. These are £3.50 for a bag of 20 including dipping sauces, found in the freezer section of most large supermarkets such as Tesco, Waitrose and Ocado, and they taste just like the ones in the restaurants. They’re on sale for £2.62 at Waitrose until the 20th of Feb, which is a sweet deal worth tracking down. They’re perfect for a quick lunch, or for a speedy dinner in the evening when you get home from an exercise class and want something healthy and easy to prepare.

I made a healthy vegan lunch bowl with some during the week, using them to top a stir fry of pak choi, carrot, red pepper, leeks, sesame seeds, sweetcorn and edamame beans (see below). What do you think?

itsu vegetable fusion gyoza lunch bowl


My freebie of the week is the OverDrive app. It’s been around for years, but I’ve recently downloaded the updated version of it and signed up via my local library account so I can borrow their ebooks for free. You can use it on your phone or tablet, making that daily commute more bearable and skint nights in more enjoyable, and it’s worth checking to see whether your library has membership of it.

In the pampering department, Waitrose Amber & Bergamot moisturising body wash is currently just £1 at Waitrose, also at Ocado, so I treated myself. It lathers up nicely, and smells very expensive so I might be stocking up on a few more while the offer’s on. Makes waking up in the morning and crawling into the shower just that tiny bit easier.

Also on the list, Boots Natural Collection blushers have recently been revamped and reformulated, and my favourite shade, Peach Melba, is still with us. Hurrah! It’s good for adding soft, natural colour to pale winter cheeks, helping to hide that delightful death-warmed-over tinge you get after having a winter bug. Also, it’s still just £1.99 and for that price I don’t think you can go wrong.

Finally, I’ve been cheering up my morning toast with the taste of summer, thanks to Naturya Baobab Raspberry super conserve. It’s half price at Holland and Barrett this week, making it £2.99 for a 285g jar, and it has a lovely fresh, tangy raspberry flavour that’s very low in added sugar (which is why they can’t call it jam). Their Maca Apricot version is also delicious.


That’s what’s been floating my boat this week, in case you’re in need of a little treat yourself. What’s getting you through this chilly start to February?


Full disclosure: Contains a mixture of product samples and things I’ve paid for out of my own pocket. All opinions my own.

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