Five things I’m loving this week: Mid May 2019

5 things I love May 2019

It’s high time for a little treat or two, isn’t it? Here’s what’s been floating my boat recently, and most of it clocks in at well under £10 so it’s affordable for most budgets.

Beauty Pie’s Japanfusion Pure Transforming Cleanser | Edited to add: I am no longer willing to recommend this company or its products.

Janger hangers*| £4.50 for a pack of 20.

These compact hangers are handy for hanging up jeans, jeggings, shorts and skirts in small spaces, tidying away anything that has belt loops. However they really come into their own when you’re travelling: use them to clip outfits, bangles or necklaces together in your case; have clothes ready to hang up when you get to the hotel; or hang your washing or wet swimwear up to dry on a shower rail or back of a deckchair. Available in lots of different sizes and colours from monochrome to tropical. Buy here.

’10-a-Day the Easy Way’ by James Wong | £6.99 on offer at Amazon (RRP £20).

A big, bright book full of recipes, pictures and advice to inspire you to eat more fruits and vegetables. Most of the recipes have clever ‘cheats’ in them like putting fruit pulp into pancake batter to replace the milk, and so on. I can heartily vouch for the triple berry hotcakes and everything I’ve cooked from it so far has turned out to be very tasty. While we aren’t making quite making it to 10 most days we have managed to get up to a respectable eight so far, which is definitely good progress. There’s also a statistics section at the front if you’d like to know more about the health benefits. Buy here.

Jiffy Green padded postal bags | £7+ for 10 or £10.24 for 20

These hard wearing postal bags are made 100% from paper, padded with shredded recycled paper, and they’re fully compostable too – much better for the environment than the vast majority of other packaging options available at the moment. I wish they’d roll them out to more stationery shops but for now I’m buying them online. Buy here.

Australian Gold Botanical SPF 50 tinted face sunscreen | £16.50

This is a mineral-only (reef safe) sunscreen that has a slightly mattifying effect on the skin so it’s ideal for reducing the dreaded summer shine on combination or oily skin, as well as keeping the rays at bay. The tint covers up the usual white cast of mineral sunscreen, and it’s a sort of light neutral brown shade. It’s well formulated, and is non-greasy and fragrance free. It looks good on my pale skin, but it might not work so well on deep skintones. I’ve been using it instead of BB cream on warmer days with a tiny bit of concealer and powder, so it’s perfect for those almost-no-makeup occasions. Buy here.


Full disclosure: Reviews contain one PR sample* provided without any obligation to feature it, and four products that I’ve bought with my own money. I have no prior relationship with any of these companies, and as always these items are only featured here because I think they’re excellent.


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