Five things I’m loving this week: Mid July 2019

5 things I love mid July 2019

Time for a few reviews and some reasonably priced treats that’ve recently caught my eye and captured my heart. It’s press show season so there’s plenty to write about, although most of it hasn’t started to arrive in the shops yet so I’m only featuring things you can pick up in the shops already.


Stasher, sandwich size | £12.99 | Buy here.

First up we have Stasher, the plastic-free reusable storage bag you can store, freeze and cook in. These are clever self-sealing bags available in varying sizes and colours, and made from pure platinum silicone, a natural and hypoallergenic alternative to plastic. They’re safe to use in the dishwasher, fridge, freezer, microwave, stovetop pans (sous vide aka posh boil in the bag) and even the oven up to 250C – great for preventing food waste and using up leftovers.  I particularly like how you can ‘burp’ the bags to squeeze out excess air, meaning that your sandwich won’t take up too much space in your bag.


Smidge camping mug | £5.99 | Buy here.

Smidge make a great range of plastic-free camping ware, as well as reusable coffee cups, bottles, chopping boards and bowl covers (goodbye cling film). The mug here comes in four different colourways, it’s lightweight and it functions as both a cup and a bowl for hot food. They’re made from a 100% natural corn-based material that’s reusable ad dishwasher safe, but will completely break down in under five years in landfill once you’re finished with it. Clever stuff.


Only Good Awaken natural body wash | £6.99 for 445ml | Buy here.

Well, this is a lovely treat to freshen up with on hot summer mornings when you need something bright and citrussy to wake you up in the shower. It’s all natural, packed with organic aloe vera and essential oils of orange, lemongrass and ginger, and it cleans well without drying out the skin. It’s also cruelty-free and contains no palm oil. Love it.  Currently in the buy-one-get-1-half-price offer at H&B.


Olly’s Olives chilli & rosemary green olives | £1.75 | Buy here.

These aren’t exactly new, but it’s the first time I’ve tried this punchy flavour and they’re really tasty. There’s also no oil sloshing around inside the packet so they’re good for eating on the go as part of a packed lunch or when you’re lazing the day away in the park. The chilli has a balanced heat that’s not too over the top, but if you don’t like spice there are two other flavours in this range to try instead. Perfect little nibbles.


Livia’s Kitchen salted date millionaire squares | £1.50 | Widely available, including at Holland & Barrett.

A slightly healthier version of millionaire’s shortbread, with squidgy dates instead of caramel, a raw chocolate topping and an oaty base. They’re vegan, and gluten and dairy free too, and taste just as nice as the original recipe. One to take on a picnic or to have as a tiny treat. Currently in the buy-one-get-1-half-price offer at H&B.


Full disclosure: Features 5 gifted items this week. I only mention things here I personally like and/or think represent great value for money.


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