Five things I’m loving this week: Heatwave edition

5 things I love this week hot June 2018

This week is all about the hot weather, and here are five things I’ve recently found that represent excellent value for money and help you beat the heat. Yes, welcome to the Heatwave Edition, where almost everything you can treat yourself to is £10 or less (there’s also one pricier item that’s in the sale and it’s an absolute bargain).

First up we have Wilko’s Status 6 Inch clip fan, £10.00. This brilliant little fan makes sleeping on stuffy nights a breeze, with two speeds and mains power. Just clip it onto the headboard or a nearby lamp and hey presto.

Also from Wilko we have their Ice Lolly Maker with straw, set of 4 for £2.00. They’re sturdy, they’re fun colours and they’re very, very thrifty. Freeze any juice, smoothie or other drink for refreshing lollies.

While not strictly picks of the week, while you’re at Wilko you might also like to pick up their Connabride ice packs (£1.00 each) or slimline freezer boards (2 for £2.00). They’re just right for keeping packed lunches cool, or slipping under your pillow wrapped in a tea towel for a more refreshing sleep.

Suck UK Toolbox BBQ, £43.99 at IWOOT. This really sturdy portable barbecue is on offer at I Want One of Those this week (RRP £69.99). It’s a clever design with a storage compartment, decent size grill and a separate heat rack (great if one of you is veggie), and it should last you for years. Stores away nicely too. I love it!

Marks & Spencer pocket sized travel fan, £6.00. Makes an unbearable commute or a long distance journey much more pleasant, and doesn’t take up much space in your bag. It even has a fold out stand so you can put it hands free onto your desk or train table, and there’s an adjustable head too.

And finally we have Miu Color reusable stainless steel drinking straws, £5.69 for 4 at Amazon. Better for the environment than single use plastic, wide enough to drink milkshakes and smoothies, and a cool industrial look to boot. They’re dishwasher safe, and come with a free cleaning brush if you prefer to hand wash them. Mine’s buried deep into a homemade iced coffee as we speak…

Here’s the roundup picture with all the prices:

5 things I love this week heatwave edition 2018


Are you in the middle of a heatwave where you live? Which one of these Penny’s Picks do you think is the coolest?


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  1. Oh loving the clip fan! Very convenient to have, I’d definitely love to have one of those, great picks!

  2. These are total must haves especially this week where the weather has been the hottest yet. Yesterday temperature was 32.5 where we live and we have had the rotating fan on full blast which is rare.

  3. Great must haves, we have just gone out and bought a fan this evening x

  4. I have some metal straws from Claus Ohlsen and I love them. I also have some lolly makers but I’ve still not managed to use them yet x

  5. I think ice lollies and a fan are essentials in this heat. I am enjoying it though.

  6. Hi Yeah Lifestyle – it was 32.5 degrees where you live? That’s pretty extreme for June in the UK, so I hope you like the hot weather but are still keeping cool.

  7. I’m 9 months pregnant in this heat wave and have basically been sat in front of a fan as much as is humanly possible. So I’m definitely going to have to say the fans are my favourite, although we bought some ice lollie makers from Lidl last week too.

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