Five things I love this week: late June

It’s been a roasty toasty few days here, and I’m sitting in front of a fan eating an ice lolly. And putting together some treat-of-the-week reviews, of course.

These are all treats under £10, and three are well under a fiver. There’s a summery theme to most of them too, because it’s sunshine time and why not?

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Alexa and Tori earrings brushed half hoops at TKMaxx

Alexa & Tori earrings at TKMaxx | from £9.99

Some fine jewellery has recently arrived at TKMaxx, with prices mostly between £9.99 and £12.99. The Alexa & Tori collection is a welcome surprise, both in the pricing and the designs. This range is mostly 18K gold plated over sterling silver, and the subtle, contemporary pieces will go with all kinds of different outfits. Check sizes before buying, some items are small but perfectly formed.

I’m going to get a lot of wear out of my new hoop earrings, that’s for sure. Nicely gift boxed, these would work well as presents. Nickel free too, so that’s good news for allergy sufferers. I haven’t been able to find out much about the company, so it’s most likely a TKMaxx own brand.

See more: Alexa & Tori jewellery

Dunelm ribbed clear acrylic jug and matching tumblers

Dunelm ribbed clear acrylic jug | £3.00

It’s outdoor living season, and I really like to have a pitcher full of iced water or iced tea around to keep us hydrated. This acrylic offering from Dunelm is only £3 and it’s smash-proof. They’re just right for cocktails, mocktails and juices at barbecues and other garden get-togethers.

Crucially, it also has a lid to keep the contents clean, fresh, and bug free. There are matching tumblers too, £4 for 4, wine glasses, and a serving bowl – in case you like a matching set like I do.

More here: Dunelm

Pembrokeshire Chilli Farm Chipotle Gold hot sauce

Pembrokeshire Chilli Farm Chipotle Gold chilli sauce 165g | £4.50

Still on a BBQ tip, this medium-heat sauce is perfect for spicing up anything off the grill. It’s based on smoky, rich chipotle chillies, and rounded out with honey, apples, brown sugar and a little Jim Beam bourbon whisky. Lovely stuff.

You can use it both as a table sauce and a marinade. We’ve been having it with burgers, sprinkled over nachos, and dolloped into black bean burritos. Keeps for 1 month in the fridge after opening, but our bottle’s unlikely to last that long. Suitable for vegetarians.

More here: Pembrokeshire Chilli Farm (their other sauces, jams and rubs are well worth a look too).

H and M triangle bikini top black

H&M black bikini top | £9.99

It’s been so muggy in the city for the last couple of weeks that I’ve taken to throwing a light cotton maxi sundress over a lil’ bikini most days. The best affordable mix and match I’ve found is the black swimwear at H&M: there’s a lot of choice among the different shapes and styles.

Sizes range from 4 to 22, and there are varying levels of coverage and support. The stuff I bought was also at least 50% recycled materials. If you don’t like urban standard black – yes, yes, it’s the basic bitch of bikinis and I’m comfy so I don’t care – then there are several other mix ‘n’ match colours and patterns to choose from.

More here: H&M bikini tops (scroll down that page to see multiple matching items)

Wickedly Welsh Chocolate mint crunch bar

Wickedly Welsh Chocolate Mint Crunch Bar, 90g | £4.50

I recently had the chance to sample some Wickedly Welsh chocolate, and this one was a clear favourite. Their Mint Crunch bar is made from their ‘devilishly dark’ 60% cocoa, and has natural mint flavour and crunchy crystals to add some texture.

It’s also attractively presented, with creamy green swirls mixed into the dark chocolate. Particularly nice to have a square or two with an iced coffee, or nibble after dinner. Has also won a Great Taste Award.

More here: Wickedly Welsh

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That’s it for the tiny treats for this week – back soon with a few more. Let us know if you’d like to see a few freebies included in here too, and I’ll see what I can rustle up.

Full disclosure: hot sauce and chocolate kindly provided by PR for review purposes, without obligation. All other items purchased with my own money.

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