Five things I love: Late July product reviews

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Time for a quick roundup of a few new products I’ve tried out lately. Let’s have a look at these five latest reviews.

Oliver Bonas Secret Garden set of 4 glasses tumblers

Oliver Bonas Secret Garden Glass Tumblers Set Of Four | £22.50

Well now, how cute are these? This set of four fun tumblers taps into the colourful folksy vintage trend that’s set to get even more popular through the Autumn. You can mix and match with the different cute insects and plants, and create a super easy, relaxed eclectic look.

They’re nicely gift boxed too, perfect for a special occasion or, er, a teensy weensy spot of self gifting. Snap ’em up while they’re in the sale, which ends soon.

More here >> Oliver Bonas Ltd

New Nakd protein bars cocoa and hazelnut review

Nakd Protein Bars, Cocoa & Hazelnut flavour | £3.00 per pack (3 x 45g)

I wasn’t sure what to expect from these newly-launched bars, but I was hoping for a less-unhealthy hybrid version of a Cadbury’s Whole Nut and Nutella. These do sort of hit the spot, but they’re very obviously less sweet and lardy. They contain no refined sugar, and they’re vegan, gluten free and made from cold pressed raw ingredients. I found them quite filling at 45g each, so they kept hunger pangs away for a while and might be good to throw in a picnic bag or have for long journeys.

The ingredients list is short, and includes peanuts. From a nutritional point of view, they contain more fat than protein, but they’re relatively low in saturated fat (3.5g per 100g). The sugar in them comes from dried dates. They also contain 10% prebiotic chicory fibre, a source of inulin that some people find hard to digest, but I didn’t have any problems with it. I like them, and will probably pick some more up when they’re in a multi-buy offer.

More here >> Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Ocado

Eden perfume no.657 Glossy Glossier You dupe clone fragrance

Eden No.657 ‘Glossy’ vegan perfume | £18.00 for 30ml

Eden perfumes make their own vegan versions (AKA clones or dupes) of many famous, popular fragrances. I’ve tried a few of their eau de parfums and they smell good and perform well, plus there’s no animal ingredients or testing and their bottles are refillable if you want more of a particular fragrance. I was also interested to see several versions of vintage EdPs that have been discontinued or radically reformulated, including Vivienne Westwood’s Boudoir and the original version of Emporio Armani She (also called Armani Lei).

The one I bought is inspired by You by Glossier, and it’s a light, powdery daytime perfume with notes of iris, clean vegan musk, amber and woods. I wear it on days when I’m working from home, and also when I’m relaxing at the weekend. It’s a my-skin-but-better sort of fragrance, and let me tell you I have had some ‘you smell nice’ compliments out of the blue which has endeared it to me even more.

More here >> Eden perfumes

LipQ liquorice lip balm by Skinshop

LipQ Liquorice Balm by Skinshop | £9.50

This is a super smooth 100% natural lip balm with active extract of liquorice designed for daily use. It’s a natural lip moisturiser with a base of sweet almond oil and beeswax, and with regular use it helps to keep cold sores from forming. That’s particularly useful in summer as the virus can be triggered by UV light.

I’m lucky enough to be someone who doesn’t suffer from this virus, but I know around half of the UK population do, which is why I wanted to mention it. Cosmetically it’s a pleasant product which keeps lips shiny and smooth, with the faintest hint of star anise flavour. The price is great for a 30g tin which will last and last, and is just the right size for throwing in a travel bag.

More here >> Skinshop

Odylique mineral lipstick for sensitive skin

Odylique Organic Mineral Lipstick | RRP £18.50

This is the first lipstick certified to Soil Association and Fairtrade standards, and it’s a beautifully moisturising, organic and cruelty free product with a soft satin finish. There’s no fragrance, and they’re very soothing and suitable for even very sensitive skin – allergy-prone beauty fans should take note. Yes, they are towards the expensive end of things, but it’s less than, say, Mac prices, and it’s an excellent option if you have allergies.

I’ve found it very easy to apply and wear, and for a satin finish lipstick it lasts for a very good length of time. Marshmallow is a soft sheer pink with a bit of shimmer, and Praline is a gorgeous nude shade, for natural looks, but there are plenty of other colour options for different skin tones and personal preferences.

More here >> Odylique

Full disclosure: Lipstick samples kindly supplied by PR with no obligation to review. My honest opinions only. Other products sampled at events or bought with my own money.

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