Empty the Storecupboard Challenge: Week Three

Empty the Storecupboard Challenge store cupboard food waste Penny Golightly Week 3 Three roundup

The Storecupboard Challenge for 2017 is rolling along nicely, and we’ve been using up even more of our older stocks of stored food – saving money and preventing food waste as we go along, as well as decluttering the kitchen one shelf at a time. The list of stored food we’re using up is here.

We managed to make three storecupboard meals last week, around the bank holiday. The first meal was tortilla wraps, using up the tin of spicy pinto beans in sauce. I added some home made tomato salsa, grated cheddar cheese, some avocado slices and shredded lettuce. It was a lovely quick meal and unfortunately it was all eaten before anyone remembered to take a picture.

Empty the Storecupboard challenge 2017 week 3 meals

Next we had penne pasta with ragu and herbs, using up the tin of tomatoes, the remaining tomato puree and some penne. That was mixed in with veggie mince, chopped vegetables, garlic and herbs to make a tasty meal. The sauce is pictured above left.

The last meal was crispy Thai-style fishcakes with stir fry vegetables and chilli sauce (above right), which used up some of the dried breadcrumbs. The fishcakes were made from white fish, leftover mashed potatoes, green curry paste, and a little minced garlic and ginger. They were delicious, and I’ll definitely be making them again.

We’ve also managed to eat up all of the oats in breakfasts, and the last tin of sweetcorn with other vegetables during Sunday dinner. We’re slowly making progress getting through that stored food mountain, but I have no idea what we’re going to do with the rest of it. Better look through a few recipes online to get some more inspiration.

For more Storecupboard blog posts, have a peek in the Storecupboard Challenge section. Bon appetit!

Back with more improvised recipes next week… What are your favourite storecupboard meals? 


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