Empty the Storecupboard Challenge: Week Six

Empty the Storecupboard Challenge store cupboard food waste Penny Golightly Week 6 Six roundup

We’re now heading into Week 6 of the 2017 Storecupboard Challenge, and things are going really well. There’s not too much old stored food left in the cupboard that still needs to be used up, have a look at what’s left.

I’m still trying to make at least three main meals each week from the storecupboard ingredients, and will keep on going until they’re all gone. This time around I’m also trying to include as many fruits and vegetables as possible, to make it healthy as well as thrifty.

Empty the Storecupboard Challenge 2017 Week Six 6 EmptyTheSC store cupboard meals

Meal number one was the last of the penne pasta, with a sauce made from leftover veggie pepperoni, some old onions, mushrooms, olives, tomato puree and grated cheese. The pic above is the sauce cooking. It was a hearty meal with lots of veggies in it.

Empty the Storecupboard Challenge 2017 Week Six 6 store cupboard meals recipes prevent food waste

The second meal was another slightly lazy cous cous dinner (above). I added a big handful of parsley and leaf celery to the cous cous, and served it up with some tagine chickpeas from the storecupboard, plus some grilled halloumi and a serving of leftover roasted vegetables. That’s the end of the tinned chickpeas now, but there’s still some cous cous left.

Meal number three was fish goujons, made with frozen white fish which was dipped in milk, flour, egg, lemon zest and breadcrumbs. Goujons is basically a posh name for wonky fish fingers isn’t it? Anyway, I baked them up and served them with potatoes and vegetables, and they were nice enough with a squeeze of lemon and blob of tartare sauce on the side. So that’s another 50g of stored breadcrumbs gone.

We’ve also used up some more custard, this time with cinnamon and almond milk, on top of some canned peaches. It cheered up a rainy evening and was delicious. The last thing we’ve ticked off the storecupboard stock list was 30g of raisins, eaten as a snack at work.

I’m hoping that we’ll be able to finish up everything else in the storecupboard in the next week or two, and will let you know how it goes.

For all the latest articles about this challenge, have a look in the Empty the Storecupboard Challenge archive.

What’s the best storecupboard meal you’ve ever made or eaten? Pasta? Rice? Something else?


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