Empty the Storecupboard Challenge 2016: Week 10


Empty the Storecupbaord Challenge 2016 Week 10 tofu stir fry brown rice Chinese curry sauce Penny Golightly

This week had a ‘now or never’ feeling about it, so I went for it and used up as much as I could from the storecupboard. The remaining 200g of brown rice and the last two portions of Chinese curry sauce were turned into an aromatic vegan curry (pictured above), along with some tofu, baby corn, sprouting broccoli, onion and red pepper. I used supermarket vouchers and points for the rest of the ingredients so the meal worked out free.

Empty the Storecupboard Challenge 2016 Week 10 Borlotti bean refried bean burger

The last borlotti beans and the last 60g of rice flakes were turned into crispy refried bean burgers, along with taco spices, onion and garlic. They were served up in wholemeal buns with sliced avocado, melted cheese, tomato salsa, jalapeno sauce and a blob of plain yogurt, plus side salad. Beau gave them 9/10, and while they don’t look too pretty (should have been chilled a bit longer before cooking to hold the shape better) they were very tasty, and the texture was spot on.

Empty the Storecupboard Challenge 2016 Week 10 pumpkin seeds added to muesli Penny Golightly

That tiny amount of of pumpkin seeds, about 10g, was added to a portion of muesli to get rid of the last bit. It worked really well, and made the whole thing more nutty. We also got shot of the last 10g of ground flax seed and cinnamon, chucking it into a couple of bowls of porridge. And to finish it up, the 1/4 jar of preserved watermelon was mixed with some defrosted strawberries and used as a topping for some Greek yogurt. The berries were picked out of a bag of economy frozen mixed fruits, and the rest can go into smoothies and other puddings.

Empty the Storecupboard Challenge 2016 Week 10 mission accomplished empty cupboard Penny Golighty

And – at long last – here’s a picture of a completely empty storecupboard! Yes, we did it!

That’s been a successful Empty the Storecupboard Challenge for 2016, and it was completed in just ten weeks this time.

Next week we’ll be starting an Empty the Freezer Challenge – come back soon and find out more. Are you going to join in?

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  1. The bean burgers look pretty good!

    Congratulations, you got through it, well done. I used up everything had lurking so I’m happy with that.

  2. Dear Penny,

    Congratulations, I had no doubt about the fact that you could finish it all up. Bravo !!!! Well Done. I am myself on the way to end it all as well.
    Love, Pat

  3. Hi thrift deluxe – congratulations to you too! I enjoyed the food more this time around, deliberately making it healthier seems to have made all the difference.

    Hello Patricia! – Saw your ‘on the way to end it all’ comment and got really worried, but then realised it was a lost in translation moment and you were finishing the ingredients up too. Phew!


    Thanks everyone,

    Penny xx

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