Empty the Freezer Challenge: Week 4

Empty the Freezer Challenge Week 4 Prawn noodles with edamame beans kale and chilli

It’s Week Four of the Empty the Freezer Challenge in this household, and we’ve managed to have four main meals and a dessert that included frozen foods that needed to be used up.

The first meal was prawn and edamame noodles with kale and chilli sauce (main picture above), and it was a perfect quick midweek meal. It also felt pretty healthy.

One evening while I was out Beau had some macaroni cheese, and served it with half of the remaining peas on the side. Two nights later I did some grilled fish with new potatoes and vegetables, using up the last of the peas. Simple but good. We also made a mini Sunday roast, and had the final portion of soya beans as one of the side dishes.

Then it was on to the last item we needed to use up: the scary unidentifiable stuff where the label had fallen off. It was defrosted and gingerly tested in case it was something really grim, and fortunately it turned out to be half a can of chestnut puree that was leftover from Christmas cooking.

Empty the Freezer Challenge Week 4 roasted rhubarb with cinnamon chestnut cream and mango

I added cinnamon, honey, vanilla and Greek yogurt to it to make a sweet chestnut cream (pic above), and served it up with some roasted rhubarb and a few bits of mango that were left over from another recipe. It was a delicious end to our Sunday dinner, and to the end of the challenge too.

Are you trying out the Empty the Freezer Challenge yourself? How long will it take you to use up all your oldest frozen food stocks?

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