Ecotools Styler and Smoother hairbrush review

Ecotools styler and smoother hairbrush review

I’m here once again with a new little Treat Under a Tenner, and the latest reasonably priced treat is this Ecotools Styler + Smoother brush.

Last week I finally managed to break my old hairbrush, which was admittedly getting well past its best, so off to the shops I went to try to find a replacement. Couldn’t find a single thing that looked suitable for my long fine hair and sensitive scalp – everything looked too heavy or too scratchy, and like it was going to damage my ‘do.

After a long search I found the whole range of Ecotools hair brushes in Superdrug, and I plumped for the Styler and Smoother brush. Although they’re best known for their makeup brushes, it turns out that they make pretty darned good hairbrushes too.

The brush is lightweight and easy to use, and it has vents in it which really do speed up the time it takes to dry my hair in the morning. Anything that makes mornings easier will always get my vote. The curve of the brush allows for some simple styling so it has everyday blowdrying nailed, and I found that I got the best results by adding some light heat protection spray to my hair first to get a true smoothing effect.

The bristles have little bobbles on the ends of them, and they’re fairly widely spaced out, making it just right for painless detangling that doesn’t pull or break the hair strands. It’s a bit beige for my liking, but it does the job and it gets shoved in a drawer after use anyway so that doesn’t happen to be a deal breaker.

It also has some nice eco credentials, such as a sustainable bamboo handle, repurposed aluminium findings, plastic that’s made from plants rather than petroleum, and recycled and recyclable packaging. It might even save some electicity if it helps you dry your hair faster too.

All in all this is a very handy mid-sized brush that fulfils its promises, is kinder to the planet and is reasonably priced.

The Ecotools hairbrush range is available from Superdrug and nothing is priced over £9.99. They’re often part of special offers (mine was 1/3 off a couple of weeks ago, making it £6.67), so watch out for those.

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