eBook review: The Stylish Frugalista

Time for another ebook review, and this week it’s The Stylish Frugalista by Viviana from The Lean Times blog.

It’s a handy little guide to style on a budget, and getting the most value out of your purchases. The book makes you stop and think before buying throwaway items, and is a good reminder to buy quality things that really suit you if you want to look great and avoid overspending.

There are all sorts of interesting style quotes throughout the text too, which helps to shift perspective away from short-term fashions and over to style.  It includes sage advice about the myth of the perfect capsule wardrobe, plus tips for shopping with confidence and getting a real bargain on eBay and in the sales. There’s also sensible advice about accessories, hair and makeup.

If you’d like to buy a copy, it’s available to buy for £2.96 on Amazon. Projects like this allow bloggers to keep their sites going, so please buy a copy and show your support.

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