Don’t panic buy

The holidays are upon us, and I hear that more thank half of the UK population are likely to do some panic gift buying on Christmas Eve.

I know from experience how easy it is to get into that kind of state. Yesterday I was in the supermarket buying the festive groceries and the temptation to overspend was ridiculous. There was a little voice in my head saying “Go on, go crazy, it’s Christmas – stuff your face and overfeed and overwater everyone else. Go on, go on. And what if you get snowed in and don’t have enough stuff?

Then I realised that I was being daft and getting caught up in a load of marketing rubbish. We had a great menu planned, lots of great food and drink, and there was no likelihood of anything running out. I took a deep breath, stuck to the shopping list, and got out of there in record time in spite of the hordes of dazed shopping zombies wandering all around me. Cobblers to consumer hysteria.

So, if it’s Christmas Eve and you’re panicking about presents or groceries – stop. Sit down, have a cup of tea and think calmly about what you truly need to purchase. Who are you buying for? What’s your budget? The thought really does count here, in more ways than one.

Make a list and stick to it, or, like most people, you’ll end up blowing your budget and probably regretting it. The more you panic, the more you think that ‘this isn’t enough‘, and the more you overspend.

It IS enough. Buy what’s on your list, then stop, come home and put your feet up and enjoy the company of your friends or family. Think of it as a Christmas gift to yourself.

Kisses under the mistletoe,

Penny xxxx

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