Display and monitor

display and monitor your progress

This is the last entry in our week of Resolution Solutions, and today’s all about monitoring your progress so that you can get a sense of achievement. An early boost like this is great for your motivation and it can help you keep going in case things get tougher later.

How you keep track of your progress depends on the type of resolutions you’ve picked, and also your personality. Here are a few ideas though, in case you need some inspiration. You could:

  • Make or print out a chart and stick it on your fridge, colouring in as you go
  • Print off a schedule and tick it off as you complete your planned activities
  • Create a spreadsheet and update it as you pay into your savings or pay off your debts
  • Use an app to track your runs, workouts or bike rides
  • Get a notebook and write a line or two in it every evening about your progress, how you’ve coped with cravings, moods, stress, tiredness etc
  • Buy a To-Do list pad or use a To-Do list app, ticking things off as you go

Ideally, whatever you choose to monitor your progress should have some way to display your achievements, and the more visual you are as a person, the more you should put some effort into making it look attractive.

Every few days, make a commitment go back and look at this display and give yourself a virtual pat on the back if things go to plan. Some resolutions are trickier than others, but if you keep a good eye on how you’re getting along then it can be a great help. If you’re struggling, maintaining records can give you an extra level of help, potentially showing up weak spots, times that you might need extra support, and things you might need to do more or less of.


Do you have any New Year’s Resolutions worked out for 2019? How might you be able to monitor your progress and display your achievements? 


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