Designed In Colour handmade glassware

Designed In Colour handmade glassware

It’s time for another Treat Under a Tenner, and it’s time for some great value homewares. These small glass tumblers are sold by Designed In Colour Ltd, and are handmade and available in a wide range of colours. They’re all priced at £5.00, which is pretty reasonable for Italian glass and handmade products.

I especially like the subtler tones in the range, and love the glassware in olive, frost, burnt umber and seafoam colourways, but they also have plenty of brights and pastels if that’s more your thing. They’re pleasingly heavy in the hand and filled with thousands of tiny bubbles that add a subtle sparkle to your drinks. As they’re handmade, each one is unique.

My absolute favourite is the seafoam colour, and I’ve been using a glass as a votive holder for citronella tea lights on those rare evenings when you can sit out in the garden for dinner and drinks. They’re tall enough to stop the candles from being blown out by gusts of wind, and weighty enough to stay put under normal conditions. That makes them quite practical and useful for outdoor drinks, as well as looking pretty.

If you’d like to see more than small tumblers, the range also includes large drinking glasses, carafes, jugs and wine goblets. I love the mix of modern and rustic, and think the range would fit with a wide range of other home decor styles.

Designed In Colour have also given us a Penny Golightly readers’ code for 10% off any purchases. Just use PGL10 at the checkout. It’s well worth having a look around the whole site as they stock all kinds of gorgeous and fun gifts.

Full disclosure: I have been sent PR samples from this range of glassware, but all thoughts and opinions are my own. This site is not an affiliate of Designed In Colour.

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  1. Dear Penny,

    This is the roundup for the final double week Tenner Week. Result : I think I failed but I let you be the judge. Everything was ok until my neighbour gave me loads of plums. But I had no organic sugar and some jars to prepare the jam therefore I had to go to the supermarket. I used all my loyalty points but had to pay in cash for a total of 12 bucks.
    Day 1 : Stocktake and menu plan ok. I had lots of vegetables and fruits from the garden.
    Day 2 : No Spend Day. Plums jam preparation.
    Day 3 : Pampering day with all my bathroom products. Mani and pedi
    Day 4 : No spend day. Wild berries picking to prepare some jam
    Day 5 : Did some ironing and mending
    Day 6 : Neighbour annual party to get social for free
    Day 7 : No spend day. Rhubarb jam cooking.
    I used up all my organic sugar to prepare all the jam jars, so it was a good week though.
    Pat XXX

  2. Hi Pat, wow you have been keeping yourself really busy! Sounds like it’s been a good week for you and I hope you’ve enjoyed yourself.

    I’m not sure what the exchange rate is from your currency to £ Sterling? Your spend was probably about £10 I guess? That’s not what most people would call a fail 🙂 How many jars of jam have you made so far?

    Made some jams here too! Raspberry and rose, and savoury chilli jam. And sundried tomatoes and tomato chutney. You can tell we have too many raspberries, chillies and tomatoes! Spiced plum chutney is next to be made…

    P xx

  3. Dear Penny,

    Jam jars are for about 1 year to come. Sounds like you’ve been busy too doing the same…
    Looking forward the Jump Start Spetember..
    Love, Pat

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