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tenner week festive prep penny golightly day 5

Today’s Day 5 of our latest Tenner Week challenge, and it’s time to have a quick think ahead about festive decorations. Don’t worry, you don’t have to start that off today, just do a little checking and planning.

Some people like to keep it simple, others like to be traditional or fashionable, and what you decide is completely up to you – your home, your rules.

Have a quick look at the decorations you own. Is anything broken or in need of a clean? What can be reused, or repurposed? Are there any old favourites there?

If you like, you can also have a look at a few magazines, blogs or Pinterest boards for fun or interesting designs (as long as it doesn’t trigger you to start overspending). You can also pick a decorating theme if you’re planning on ringing the changes this year.

I’ve had a look around what we already own and think I’m going to go with a simple nature theme this year, and will probably use some older decorations plus things like dried orange slices, bundles of cinnamon sticks and other spices, white candles in jars, and a few holly branches. What about you?

What’s happening here

We had a great night out last night and went out to the theatre to see Derren Brown, then out for a drink afterwards. I had a £6 glass of prosecco as a treat – completely unnecessary, and very much enjoyed. No TV was watched, so it’s still a total of 1 hour and 54 minutes for the TV Diet. I also put my feet up and relaxed for half an hour before I went out, which made for an even nicer evening without the usual rushing around.

Total spent yesterday: £6.00

Total spent so far: £7.75

How’s your budget going? Is anyone else doing the TV diet? Let me know how you’re getting on.

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  1. I bring out the same decorations every year – I got a huge haul of them from a charity shop selling off M&S store decorations – 60 for £1!!!!!! Although this year I intend to just decorate the tree – a 7ft freebie from my Mother and father in law who deemed it too big!!! I will hang a rustic wreath on the front door, also bought in a sale years ago and garland for the fireplace, which is being trawled out for the 18th year!! I think traditional decorations of red, gold and green never date and so stand the test of time.

    Today was spent browsing at Bicester shopping outlet with my Daughter today – spent £4.60 on 2 coffees bringing my weekly total to £7.10. Had a lovely day, wasn’t tempted as even outlet shopping is very expensive, but managed to exchange my kettle at Le Cruset who honoured their 10 year guarantee.

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