Dear Santa

Hey Santa, I haven’t been nearly as naughty as I usually am this year, so how about you cut me some slack and reach into that sack?

I would like (please):

  • One marron glace from Fortnum & Mason
  • An hour of peace and quiet to read those reviews of the year I’ve been stockpiling
  • A new bottle of triple sec (Cointreau will do)
  • Lots of nice things to review (books, beauty products, hotels, theatre and suchlike)
  • A new pair of black leather gloves so I can look like a cat burglar
  • More lovely people to hire me to write for them
  • Lipstick, a girl’s gotta have a new lipstick
  • The builders next door to go away, and the cats to stop eating the tree
  • World peace or a box of Brewhaha rose tea, whichever is left in stock

And the moon on a stick, thank you.


Penny xxxxx

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