Dear Santa: The decadent wish list

Have you been naughty or nice this year? This wish list is for anyone who’s been naughty and seriously doesn’t care what Santa thinks, or anyone else for that matter…

Decadent Christmas wish list

1. I’ve always wanted a smoking jacket for that total touch of decadence, and now I’ve found one at Autograph at M&S of all places. It’s a velvety shawl collar wrap dressing gown with satin piping and it’s ridiculously glamorous. It costs £39.50, matching opium pipe probably not included.

2. You can’t have an epic smoking jacket like that and not have some lovely loungewear to go underneath it, ideally with a nice paisley print or psychedelic floral pattern. These separates from the Strike a Pose range by Cyberjammies really fit the bill, and  they’re in stock at House of Fraser, £22.50 for the pyjama top and £22.50 for the PJ trousers.

3. When it comes to absinthe you have to go hard with the wormwood and thujones, or don’t bother. This is Grande Absente absinthe from Distilleries Provence, £39.46 at TheDinkShop, weighing in at a hefty 69% ABV, so, er, handle with caution and all that. Go the whole green fairy with a star absinthe spoon (£6.89 delivered) and La Rochere absinthe glass (£6.50), both from Amazon.

4. It’s a well known fact that I hate ordinary slippers, but I could manage to slip on a pair of smoking shoes to go with the smoking jacket, and slope around the house with the curtains closed for half the day. I like these black ‘Idol’ shoes by Call It Spring at Debenhams, £32.00, with their gunmetal and flock uppers.

5. Then again, these twinkly wine coloured suede flats are in the sale at Office, down from £50.00 to £35.00. They’re rather fabulous too, hint hint, Santa.

6. Correct me if I’m wrong, but it’s almost impossible to have a properly decadent day without some really good chocolate truffles to hand for a little pick me up every now and again. That’s why I’ve picked out this beautiful box of Marc de Champagne truffles from Fortnum and Mason, £20.

7. At some point there will have to be proper loose leaf tea, made in a gorgeous teapot and sipped out of a delicate china cup. The Monsoon Denby Cosmic range is a bohemian treat, with prices from £4.20 in the sale at House of Fraser. Just check the teapot carefully before you use it, because something tells me you might find a dormouse inside.

What would you put on your most decadent festive wish list? Would old Saint Nick raise a bushy eyebrow?

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