Coming soon: September on this site

Coming soon September on this site news

Hi everyone, how are you doing? It’s time to give you a little heads up about September, when there will be a few new things happening on here.

Once we’ve all come back from our summer holidays, September is the perfect month to get something kick started! That’s why I’m putting together a few challenges to join in with, and they’re mostly going to be thrifty ones (lots of free ideas and a few low cost ones as well).

Week One is going to be a Healthy Storecupboard Challenge, which runs on from the Empty The Storecupboard Challenges that we’ve had on here before. The rules will be slightly tweaked, just to make it a little more healthy.

Week Two is going to have a theme of Clean Out Your Closet, so there will be some low cost wardrobe maintenance and a few capsule wardrobe tips and ideas as well.

Week Three is a Tenner Week, if you’re brave enough to live on £10 for seven days. There will be a new activity to try every day, and the general theme will be ‘Learn Something New’.

Week Four is going to be Relax and Kick Back Week, for cosying up and reducing those stress levels, and generally getting ourselves recharged.

Apart from the Tenner Week you’ll be getting the weekends off, to keep it more manageable and easy to complete any tasks. Not as full on as a Jump Start but still plenty to be getting on with!

I really hope you’ll be able to join me for some or all of these weeks. If there’s anything special you’d like to see included on one of the themed days, please let me know and I’ll see what I can do. Just leave a comment in the comments box below or send me a message via the contact form.

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  1. Dear Penny,

    I am really looking forward to join in for this Jump Start. The themes look very interesting, especially Week 2. At the moment, I am trying to clear out my clothing and try to make a capsule wardrobe but unsuccessfully. I am not a fashionista therefore I hope that this week will definitely give me some ideas to combine my outfits. Are we going to have some pictures of the differents clothing possibilities ?? It might help to visualise correctly the final result.
    Love, Pat,

  2. Dear Penny,

    The first week of my Tenner Week has been successful.
    Day 1 : Stocktake and menu plan was ok with lots of fruits and vegetables from the garden and an Empty the Storecupboard challenge
    Day 2 : I made a little bit of pampering with lots of my beauty stuffs
    Day 3 : No spend-day. I caught up with my ironing pile
    Day 4 : Made a good house cleaning. No spend-day
    Day 5 : Bought some groceries with some loyalty points from the supermarket
    Day 6 : Wedding invitation
    Day 7 : No spend-day. Did a bit of reading to relax.
    Spend my all 10 bucks at the charity shop byuing a lovely skirt and a Bermuda short for summer + some kitchen stuffs.
    See ya next week for the second round of my Tenner Week
    Love, Pat,

  3. Hi Patricia, congratulations on your first round of Tenner Week – most impressed! Keeping busy really helps, doesn’t it?

    I’ll definitely do some pictures for the capsule wardrobe article because those do help you a lot to visualise what’s possible. You honestly don’t need to be a fashionista to have a capsule wardrobe, you can put something really stylish together in a very practical way. There are a few simple rules but they’re easy to learn and adapt to your personal circumstances.

    Best of luck with your Tenner Week part 2.

    Penny xx

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