Coming soon: A new Jump Start month

Some of you might remember Jump Start January on this site from earlier in the year. It was a month devoted to making a difference to your personal finances and your quality of life, all achieved in small, easy steps by carrying out one task a day.

I’m now planning a fresh month of jump starts for July, so please join in if you’re in the mood to shake it up, make some savings and have some fun at the same time. Once again it will be divided up into themed weeks to keep things fresh and interesting:

  • Week 1: Micro-holidays – cheap, interesting days off and nights out
  • Week 2: Save on summer food & drink – cutting grocery bills
  • Week 3: Home front – decluttering, decorating and easy DIY
  • Week 4: A Tenner Week – extreme budgeting to get by on £10
  • Week 5: Recap and possibly some trouble-shooting

Most of the daily tasks are going to be quick and simple, and as previously if you have other commitments and can’t do them on a daily basis then you’ll be able to catch up with them at the weekend.

Up for it?


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