Claw it Back Tenner Week Day 7: Utilities Sunday

Claw it Back Tenner Week Challenge Day 7 Utilities Sinday

We’ve finally made it to the last day of this Tenner Week Challenge, so congratulations! Today is another activity to cut those bills and put some more money back in your pocket – it’s Utilities Sunday.

All you have to do today is make a list of things you’re going to do to cut your utilities bills. The reason we’re making a list is that sometimes you have to spend money to save money, and we’re still on a budget today.

Think about how you might save money on your main utilities:

  • Electricity
  • Gas
  • Water and sewerage

You might also need to think about heating oil, and if you want to you can think about your telephone and broadband bill too.

We looked at getting a better deal on something yesterday, so you don’t have to start looking for a cheaper power bill today if you’ve already done that.

Utilities Sunday checklist

Think about anything that could use less fuel etc, for example:

  • Warmer curtains to keep the heat in
  • Filling gaps around windows and doors with sealant
  • Changing the flap on your letterbox
  • Fitting draught excluders under doors
  • Making a homemade draught excluder
  • A warmer duvet
  • An extra blanket for the bed
  • A fleece hoodie or warm dressing gown
  • Slippers or thermal socks
  • Ordering a free shower timer to take a shorter shower
  • A ‘hippo’ to use less water in the toilet
  • A bowl to do washing up or veg cleaning in
  • A water butt for the garden
  • Loft insulation or wall insulation
  • Putting sealant in between floorboards
  • etc…
Utilities Sunday lightbulb and electricity

You could also think about the longer term, such as swapping a gas hob for an electric induction hob, or getting rid of a gas boiler and maybe installing a heat pump, or fitting solar panels.

Not everything on the suggested list above costs money, you might just need to get some winter blankets or socks out of storage and freshen them up. If in doubt, try to think of free things you can do so you’re using less energy.

Good luck making your list! That’s it for Utilities Sunday, and I hope you’ve enjoyed the Claw it Back Tenner Week Challenge.

I’ll be back in a few days with a Tenner Week roundup post, but in the meantime please leave a message in the comments box below and let us know how you got on.

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  1. Dear Penny,
    This was a great tenner week 10£ for me as discretionary spending. Utilities sunday is hard because electricity and gas have increased so much. I did my best to enjoy every day of the challenge. Love Pat

  2. Hi Patricia, so glad to hear you had a great Tenner Week! I agree that fuel bills are causing a lot of problems for people, which is why I wanted to think about lots of things we can do to take action on them.
    Penny x

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