Claw it Back Tenner Week Day 5: Freebie Friday

Claw it Back Tenner Week Challenge Day 5 Freebie Friday

Every Tenner Week has an easier or more light-hearted activity scheduled on a Friday, and Claw It Back Week is no exception. Today’s activity is Freebie Friday, and we’re going to try to get something for nothing.

There are so many freebies out there: entertainment, education, experiences, food, drink, samples and more.

Freebie Friday inspo checklist

Need some inspiration? Get started here:

  • Freecycle, Freegle and local Facebook groups – there’s always someone giving something away for free.
  • Department store beauty halls – free samples, free makeovers, or a free spritz from a perfume tester all count here, as long as you aren’t tempted to go on a shopping spree.
  • Supermarkets, delis, wine merchants, food markets etc – there might be a free sample to try in store, a code or a phrase to say to the cashier, points you can spend, or a voucher or offer on the shop’s app.
  • Cards or apps for coffee shops like Costa Coffee Club, Caffe Nero, Starbucks, etc. Does your loyalty card have enough points for a free drink, or is the app offering a different freebie?
  • Other loyalty schemes like Waterstones Plus, Boots Advantage Card, or restaurant chain apps, etc. Spend accumulated points on a treat, or look out for freebies in the offers section.
  • Membership perks from telecoms companies like O2 Priority or Sky VIP Rewards – free cinema tickets, movie streaming or downloads, gig tickets, snacks, etc
  • Look out for social media giveaways and freebies from your favourite brands, or check their newsletters for samples and other offers.
  • Seat filling opportunities for cinema, plays, dance, music, comedy, or TV / radio / podcast recordings. Sometimes there’s a small admin fee per ticket, but it might still fit your budget.
  • Free music events for the public to enjoy, such as performances in foyers of theatres or public buildings, or by the students of local music schools and conservatoires.
  • Attend free lectures or classes in person or online.
  • Borrow a book from your local library, or read magazines and newspapers for free.
  • Book launches and readings – you might get a free glass of wine or a soft drink too.
  • You may also come across printed vouchers for freebies in newspapers, magazines, on leaflets and flyers, and even on the back of till receipts.
Freebie Friday Day 5 Claw it Back Tenner Week Challenge free ticket displayed on a smartphone

If you need more inspiration, remember there’s a huge community of bargain hunters out there online, so don’t forget all those freebie websites such as Magic Freebies, plus tourist information and travel blog ideas for free days out.

Other useful Tenner Week articles:

That’s it for Freebie Friday – I hope you find yourself an excellent freebie or two today.

If you find any amazing freebies, let us know by leaving a message in the comments box below.


Tenner Week Spending Diary!

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