Claw it Back Tenner Week Day 4: Refund Me Thursday

Claw It Back Tenner Week Challenge Day 4 Refund Me Thursday

If you’re owed a refund of any sort, today’s the day to try getting your money back. After all, it’s your money, why should somebody else get to keep it?

Let’s do Refund Me Thursday!

Checklist for full or partial refunds

There are plenty of places to get your money back today – this list might inspire you:

  • Any product/service that’s unfit for purpose, or not as advertised
  • Wrong item delivered, or it’s missing
  • Item delivered damaged or unreasonably late
  • Unwanted/hidden charges such as warranty or insurance
  • Poor customer service
  • Delayed or cancelled trains or flights
  • Supermarket or other price match return
  • Anything you just don’t like, but can return/cancel within a certain number of days
  • Any discount/rebate on a bill, such as your Council Tax, that hasn’t been automatically applied
Refund me Thurdsay shopping bag to return purchase to store

Make sure you know your consumer rights before you ask for a refund. Many shops and other businesses try to fob unhappy customers off with excuses or unwanted store credit, and you often have more rights than you might think you do.

Citizens Advice is the best place to start if you’re finding out about UK consumer rights. You can also get information about refunds, repairs and making a complaint from consumer organisation Which?

Complain politely but firmly if you need to, and keep a record of everything. That might include photos, dates and times, and the names of people you spoke to. Be persistent.

If you’re lucky, you might get a goodwill gesture from some companies on top of a refund. Polite complaints are more likely to get this sort of response than angry ones.


Tenner Week Spending Diary!

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That’s it for Refund Me Thursday – will you be returning something, or asking for a partial refund or compensation today?

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