Claw it Back Tenner Week Day 3: Warn Yourself Wednesday

Claw it Back Tenner Week Day 3 Warn Yourself Wednesday

Today we’re going to make things much easier for our future selves by putting an early warning system in place, so there’s less chance of forgetting anything money-related.

This should only take a few minutes, and it’s much less stressful than finding out you’ve missed an essential payment.

Start by thinking about the bills that you don’t have to pay very frequently. You’ll probably find that most these are ones that you’re only paying for annually, such as many insurance deals. You might have to look carefully through the last 12 months of your financial records to get the full picture.

Warn Yourself Wednesday Checklist

Today, be especially on the lookout for annual insurance payments, such as:

  • Travel insurance
  • Car insurance
  • Buildings insurance
  • Home contents insurance
  • Life insurance
  • Income protection insurance
  • Critical illness cover
  • Health insurance
  • Pet insurance
  • Professional or business insurance
  • Any other insurance or payment protection

Also look out for:

  • Annual subscriptions you want to keep
  • Annual memberships
Warn Yourself Wednesday diary entry

Now do the ‘warn yourself’ part of Warn Yourself Wednesday – put the renewal dates of these annual payments into your diary or calendar.

Then all you need to do it put the final layer of money saving into the equation. Make sure you put a second date in your diary so you have time to shop around to get a better deal. Most people pick a date two weeks before their renewal date for this reminder.


Tenner Week Spending Diary!

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That’s it for Warn Yourself Wednesday – what sort of renewal dates will you be putting in your diary?

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