My Christmas mantras

festive season mantrasIt’s that time of year: last minute shopping, panicking over groceries and suchlike. Even if you’ve kept the costs right down up until now, the last couple of days before Christmas can really give you the urge to splurge.

Well, take a deep breath, and remind yourself like I do:

1. Don’t panic

Panic buying is the shortcut to a big fat budget fail. Remind yourself what your budget is, check your shopping list, and remind yourself that you’ve covered all the important points with that. Then keep reminding yourself, as often as necessary.

2. Don’t try to be all things to all people

By all means make an effort, but remember that you can’t please all the people all of the time. Don’t try to be ‘the great provider’ either. Give yourself a break, you’re only human.

3. Don’t try to give everyone ‘the best Christmas ever’

Relax and enjoy this one – that’s all you need to do. Forget ‘luxury’ this and ‘connoisseur’ that at the supermarket too, some of the cheapest food and drink wins in blind taste tests – here are some tasty, affordable Christmas dinner treats to make.

4. Remember that you can’t buy Christmas

Spending loads of money does not always translate into having a great time. Quickly think about your five favourite things about the festive season – they won’t all be cash-related.

5. It isn’t worth getting into debt over

It’s just one day. If you have the option, avoid getting into a situation where you’re still paying if off three and a half months later. Have a cheap one, it won’t hurt. If you’re buying gifts on a budget, try the small and thoughtful checklist.

Do you have any festive mantras to keep yourself sane and solvent?

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