Christmas gifting trends for 2023

Christmas gifting trends for 2023 in the UK

Every year there’s a shift in the different types of presents we buy for our nearest and dearest, and this year there have been some interesting new Christmas gifting trends in the UK.

Market forces and social changes all drive the way we shop, and it’s clear that the cost of living crisis is still affecting most of us. We’re thinking more carefully before spending, and there’s a growing trend to give gifts that are useful, kind and thoughtful.

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Practical gifts are most popular this year

practical gifts idea weighted blanket by Kuddly

Novelty gifts are out, and useful, supportive presents are in. People are being kind and helpful towards relatives and friends, especially if they’re struggling financially, and they’re making sure they feel cared for.

Homewares and warm clothing are gifts that lots of people need as well as want, and cash and gift vouchers are popular too.

Examples of popular practical gifts:

Experience days are still king in the UK

afternoon tea experience days gift

Hotel stays, nights out and days trying new experiences are all special ways to spend quality time together and make happy memories. They also don’t take up physical space, which is part of the appeal for some.

You can buy them a specific voucher for a lesson or experience, or give a multi-option gift that lets them pick their favourite thing from a range of options such as a theatre trip, a supercar racing day or a gourmet meal.

Best places to find experience days:

Most of these companies have great offers at this time of year, with 20 to 50% off in their sales, plus discount codes and multi-buy offers.

There’s also the added advantage of being able to send many of these as last minute gifts, as some offers can be emailed to the recipient on the big day.

You can also give them a big night out for a treat, with tickets for a wide range of comedy, music and theatre events at places such as:

Self care gifts more popular in 2023

relaxing Espa aromatherapy diffuser gift selection

There’s been an increase in demand for gifts that promote relaxation, calm and a break from stress, in addition to the usual pampering treats. It’s been a tough few years, and it’s a thoughtful way to show them that you value their wellbeing.

This covers everything from spa days (see all the experience days companies above) to pillow sprays and aromatherapy goodies.

Where to find some of the best relaxing gifts:

  • Espa – high quality, beautiful aromatherapy & skincare
  • Boots – huge range of products, reasonably priced, regular offers
  • Prezzybox – really good for small gifts & stocking fillers
  • John Lewis – all the big brands in one place

Sustainable & socially responsible presents trending

Christmas gifting trends 2023 fairtrade ethical sustainable and green gifts

As we wake up more and more to the importance of looking after the planet, there’s an increasing move towards sustainable and ethical gifts.

This covers everything from cruelty free products to zero-carbon manufacture methods, and also includes corporate responsibility, recyclable and reusable goods, and plastic free items.

Great places for finding green and good gifts:

Christmas gifting trends: Personal’s popular in 2023

personalised gifts trend compass from Prezzybox

Making something personalised is another way to make someone feel seen and extra special, even if it’s something small & thoughtful. Once the sole preserve of wealthy people having their items monogrammed or etched, things are far more inclusive now.

There’s been an explosion of new ideas and options as 3D printing and other manufacturing methods become more widespread, and you can find something for just about everyone.

Big names in personalised gifts include:

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That’s it for the hottest Christmas gifting trends for 2023 – lots of ideas to choose from!

Have you seen anything that you like the look of? What would you like Santa to put in your own Christmas stocking?

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