Cheap treat of the week: Poundworld’s new stationery collections

Poundworld stationery collection 2017 prices from 75p notebook journal folder diary

If you like a bargain and you also love attractive stationery, I can definitely recommend a quick trip to your nearest Poundworld this week. They have three new stationery ranges out on the shelves and they offer plenty of attractive designs at really affordable prices.

The picture above is what I picked up last week, as I was looking for some new notebooks, folders and a half year diary. The prices start from 75p for the A4 notebooks and go up to £2.00 for the biggest folders. I’ve been putting them to good use, and can tell you that the ring binder folders and the half year diary are pretty robust and exactly what I was looking for. The diary is described as an ‘academic daily diary’, and it’s a page a day with half hour slots starting 7am and going through to 9pm – pretty handy for a self employed person who has to do a lot of scheduling too, even if it was originally aimed at students.

The A4 notebooks are definitely serviceable, and the paper is about 70gsm which is slightly below the average sheet of printer paper in quality so they’re pretty good for taking quick notes in, and jotting things down at speed. I try to do a bit of jotting every day to get the words and ideas flowing and I prefer to buy things that aren’t too ‘precious’ as that somehow puts me off using them, but with these I feel more able to get creative and essentially make a glorious mess so that fits my needs exactly. That said, the card they’ve used for some of the covers isn’t as strong as it could be so I wouldn’t necessarily carry one around in my bag.

There are three different collections in the range: Style (Instagrammable, most of it is sleek and a bit more grown up), Flamingo & Pineapple (fun, colourful, but also some monochrome) and Unicorns (rainbows, the works). Here are a few of the press pictures to give you a better idea.

Poundworld stationery style collection

Poundworld stationery flamingo pineapple collection

Poundworld stationery rainbow unicorn collection

As you can see, all kinds of different designs, much of it quite fashion led and some pretty stylish stuff in there that you might not expect to find in a pound shop. I hope Poundworld come up with a few more collections like this.

Which collection do you like best? Is there anything here you might be tempted to pick up ?


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  1. Like the turquoise collection lovely and bright for meetings, definitely tempted thank you for finding these.

  2. Hi Harriet – some of it is definitely more work-appropriate than others, and they’ve just brought out a new plain collection as well that’s in the same price range. I think they’re excellent for the price, hope you find something you like in your local shop.

  3. Clunk – the penny has just dropped. No wonder these weren’t in stock in my local store – I was in Poundland! There aren’t any Poundworlds around here, so I’ll have to try and remember next time I’m visiting a different town.

  4. Hi Judy, an easy mistake to make 🙂 If you have a Bargain Buys shop nearby they’re owned by the same people and are also carrying these stationery collections.

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