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Jump Start september mini storecupboard challenge healthy day 5 less salt sugar fat

Mini Storecupboard Challenge: Day 5

This is the last day of our healthy mini storecupboard challenge. As a quick reminder, you also have the option of catching up with this at the weekend, if you’re happy to make five courses (breakfast, brunch, lunch, snacks, dinners or desserts are all possible). Today we’re looking at that grand storecupboard staple: flavourings, and […]

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jump start september mini specupboard challenge day 4 wholegrains

Mini Storecupboard Challenge: Day 4

Day four of our healthy mini storecupboard challenge today, and we’re going to eat some carbs! More accurately, we’re going to hunt down some wholegrains in the cupboard, pantry or larder. Cereals have been getting a bad rap for the last few years, even though most good quality scientific studies tend to suggest that diets […]

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jump start mini storecupboard challenge day 3 pulses

Mini Storecupboard Challenge: Day 3

Today we’re delving into the back of the storecupboard and making a meal using pulses. These are a common storecupboard essential, so I hope you’re stocked up! There are all kinds of pulses, but here are a few common things you might have in tinned or dried form: chickpeas kidney beans butter beans red lentils […]

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Jump Start mini storecupboard challenge healthy food vegetables day 2

Mini Storecupboard Challenge: Day 2

It’s time for another day of our healthy new Storecupboard Challenge, and today’s activity is to use up at least one portion of vegetables. This excludes protein-rich pulses such as lentils, kidney beans, chickpeas and soya (we’re cooking with those tomorrow). Some examples of healthy veggie ingredients you might have in your storecupboard, larder or […]

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Jump Start September Back To School Storecupboard Stocktake

Mini Storecupboard Challenge: Stocktake

Welcome to the first part of Free schooled meals week, our mini Storecupboard Challenge. This time around, instead of trying to use up absolutely all our old and surplus stored food, we’re making five healthy meals instead. When I say ‘healthy’ that’s based on good quality scientific research, rather than some random guff a ‘wellness […]

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