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2 week spending diary and analysis with Scottish Friendly

My 2-week spending diary & analysis

Putting money aside on a regular basis is one of the best ways to build up your net worth over time – but where are you supposed to find the money for this? While it’s not possible for everyone, many of us who don’t currently have savings and investments could start to build them up […]

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Girly pampering competition

Competition time: Win a girly pampering kit

It’s time for a new competition, yay! This time we have a great big girly pampering kit up for grabs, featuring bath goodies, skincare, makeup and plenty of handy travel items for your handbag. This would be the perfect prize for anyone who needs to have a bit of a treat – maybe that’s you? […]

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Ten smart ways to prevent waste Osram lightbulbs energy saving

Ten smart ways to reduce waste

Recent research by supplier of OSRAM lighting, LEDVANCE, found that millions of pounds are being wasted by UK households simply because we’re buying the wrong shape, size or fit lightbulbs. But what else are we Brits wasting? I’ve teamed up with LEDVANCE to bring you our top ten expert life hacks to prevent all kinds of waste. […]

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Powershop UK review

Powershop UK, a new way to buy electricity in your home

  I’ve just had the opportunity to try out Powershop UK, a different way to buy your electricity that’s just arrived in the UK, and I thought you might like to hear about how it works and how it could potentially help to cut your bills. Powershop launched in New Zealand in 2009, disrupting the […]

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Shiply review couriers comparison

Trying Shiply to deliver heavy and bulky items

Having large or bulky packages delivered can be very expensive, so it’s good to find new ways to save. Here’s a service that you might not have heard of yet that could help to cut your costs. If you have heavy or unwieldy items that you need to have couriered, consider checking with to […]

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Using Ziffit to declutter and make money

Many of us have unwanted clutter in our homes, and much of it can be sold to make some money at the same time as clearing some space. I sometimes sell unwanted books, DVDs and games etc on auction sites, although these don’t always result in a good sale and fees and postage can eat […]

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Review of Nuu Mobile A1 and X4 phones

I’ve recently had the chance to review two of the new Nuu Mobile handsets that are now available the UK, namely their A1 budget offering and the higher-spec X4. These are both conveniently sold unlocked, allowing you to pick any mobile provider that you like – or that’s offering the most attractive deal. Let’s start […]

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