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British seasonal food in October wild mushrooms

British seasonal food in October

What’s good to buy at the market this October? Here’s the big list of all the best UK seasonal foods to enjoy at peak freshness this month. Fruit in season in October Apples, blackberries, figs, grapes, pears, plums, quinces, raspberries. Best imported seasonal fruit Figs, grapes. Nuts in season in October Cobnuts and hazelnuts, sweet […]

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British seasonal food in September in season September UK ready to pick this month

British seasonal food in September

Which British seasonal foods are at their best in September? There’s a huge range of fruit and vegetables in season in the UK this month, from the late-ripening summer crops to the newer Autumn season produce, including fragrant Autumn raspberries, the first crisp apples, a glut of vegetables, most game, and the first tangy cheeses. […]

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August kitchen garden diary 2017 Golightly Gardens Penny Golightly

My August kitchen garden update

August is always a month where the kitchen garden is in full swing, especially all the heat loving plants. It’s a busy time, with a lot of picking and processing going on, and maybe a glut or two. The courgettes, sweet peppers, chillies, tomatoes and tomatillos are all doing really well here thanks to the […]

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what to sow and do in an August kitchen garden grow your own allotment garden jobs to do list

What to sow and do in an August kitchen garden

August brings us rich pickings, plenty of maintenance and some opportunities to prepare for the next growing season in the kitchen garden or on the allotment. Whether you’re growing your own food right now or you’re thinking about starting next year, read on. Seeds to sow in August It’s high summer and most edible gardens […]

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British seasonal food in August in season ingredients foods UK

British seasonal food in August

There’s a huge wealth of British seasonal food available in August. The warmer weather brings us a whole new crop of heat loving fruits and vegetables, and game season officially begins. Here’s what’s good at the market and on the allotment this month. Fruit in season in August Apples (first), apricots, blackberries, blackcurrants, blueberries, cherries, […]

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Golightly Gardens kitchen garden diary July 2017 grow your own gardening

My July kitchen garden update

July is always a productive time in a kitchen garden or on an allotment, and this year it’s been especially good, mainly due to the warm weather and bright sunshine. I can’t take too much credit for the the good crops because I started the season a bit late and have fewer plants than last […]

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British seasonal food in July UK in season ingredients foods fruit veg

British seasonal food in July

British seasonal food in July is bursting with flavour, and here’s the best vegetables, fruit, fish and shellfish, herbs, cheese, foraged food, game and other meat in season this month. Treat yourself to the full range of healthy fresh berries, enjoy the first courgettes, or some help yourself to fresh Cornish sardines and crab, and […]

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June kitchen garden diary Penny Golightly

My June kitchen garden update

We’re enjoying a mini heatwave in the UK, and the garden is loving the sunshine and the general warmth, well, apart from some of the lettuces which are wilting all over the place. The tomato plants seem to be the happiest of all, especially the two Losetto plants which are already starting to trail over […]

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