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Penny Golightly no spend month zero spend 2017 final roundup summary

My no-spend month, the final verdict

One month ago I decided to have a no-spend month, cutting out all unnecessary purchases. It was a last minute decision, so there was no time to prepare and I had to throw together some quick rules for the zero spend period. The time is now up, so I thought it was time to have […]

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SmartBuyGlasses review UK delivery online shop glasses

Review of

Here’s my review. I’ve bought prescription glasses online before from a couple of different companies, mainly for convenience and to save money, and I’ve recently been given the opportunity to try another internet retailer’s services. SmartBuyGlasses is an international business selling glasses, sunglasses, sports glasses and contact lenses, and you can buy the frames alone […]

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Penny Golightly no spend month zero spend 2017 three weeks on

My no-spend month, end of week three

It’s now been three weeks since I started my impromptu no-spend month. So far I haven’t cracked and broken any of my self-imposed rules, but hey, there’s still more than enough time for that to happen and temptations are all around. Part of the reason for the success to date is that the rules weren’t […]

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Penny Golightly no spend month zero spend 2017 week one 1

My no-spend month, end of week one

It’s been seven days since I started doing my impromptu no-spend month, and so far it’s going okay… in spite of the woeful lack of planning. Because there was no time to plan ahead or stock up, I had to make a few allowances. These included keeping existing social commitments, allowing myself a drink whenever […]

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Penny Golightly no spend month zero spend 2017

My plans for a no-spend month

I mentioned last week that I was going to try to have a no-spend or zero spend month, and I’ve decided to start it on the 15th of March. I’ve never done a no-spend month before, so it could be a very strange experience. The most I’ve probably managed at any one time is about […]

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2017 goals March Penny Golightly

2017 Themes and goals: March

Let’s have a quick run down of what happened in February, then move on to some goal and intention setting for this month (March). The theme I picked for last month was ‘vitality‘. The goals were: Take 3 & 1/2 hours of moderate exercise + do 300 sit-ups weekly Eat at least five portions of […]

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2017 themes and goals February Penny Golightly

2017 themes and goals: February

Well hello there, how the devil are you? I’ve had a couple of days off after Jump Start January, then caught some virus or bug thingy that meant I needed to have an extended lie down, so apologies for the relative quietness of the blog at the moment. On the mend now, and catching up […]

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Jump Start January 2017 Week 1 Day 6 Penny Golightly

Jump Start January 2017: Week 1: Day 6

Hello! How are you getting on so far with the first week of Jump Start January? Today’s activity is to start making some important lists, and setting your top priorities. Lists can be incredibly important tools when it comes to money management and budgeting, and generally getting things done. Setting priorities is also extremely useful […]

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January 2017 Penny Golightly Jump Start month and Tenner Week Challenge

Looking ahead on the Penny Golightly blog

Hi everyone. Well, it’s been one heck of a strange year hasn’t it? After some time out to think and regroup I’m ready to come back and get on with the money saving, and the ideas for living well on a budget. There are are still good people to connect with and worthwhile projects to […]

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hristmas gifts under 5 pounds

More Christmas gift ideas for £5 or less

We’re back with even more Christmas gift ideas priced £5 and under (here’s yesterday’s first article in the series, in case you missed it). It’s not easy to find lovely beauty goodies for gifting at these prices, but I’m really happy with all of the ones in the picture above. From left to right on […]

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