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I just wanted to say a huge ‘thank you’ to everyone who’s been so supportive in the last few days. Your comments, private messages, email and tweets have been amazing! Getting started again feels kind of strange, but mostly in a nice way.

Now comes the task of reviving a hibernating, hopefully not dead, site along with everything that brings. For starters, there’s the forum to think about. I’ve just posted my London sample sales listings for September, but am not sure the forum is going to make it in the long run as it might need too much looking after. Will have a think about that over the next few weeks…

There’s been a massive backlog of comment and trackback spam to deal with too, so I’ve installed a WordPress plug-in beginning with A on the advice of a clever person. Seems to be working so far, thank heavens.

Looking forward to commenting on other blogs and chatting away about bargains as much as is feasibly possible over the next few weeks; there’s a lot of lost time to make up.

It looked like this whole site was crashing over the weekend, and while there was a fair bit of traffic it appears that the Twitter feed and the hosting service have been having compatibility problems too. Sorry if you couldn’t get the page to load and hopefully it’s all patched up for the time being, so please read on.

Now all that remains is to give you all a big hug and a snog.


Thanks everyone!

Penny x


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  1. Glad you’re back too! Looking forward to all the thrifty fun to be had! x

  2. Hey MacPsych and Maggie Bob. Thanks so much for being there – really appreciate it. x

  3. Hi Harri – thanks for dropping by. You’re always welcome at x

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