Capsule wardrobe: Day 4

Today I am taking the parentals out for a posh lunch. Thank the heavens for those Toptable 50% off the a la carte menu deals, that’s all I’m saying. Will be sticking with the capsule as it isn’t exactly a meeting with the ambassador or a red carpet event.

Here’s the get up:

Red dress, waterfall cardi, brown shoes and tan bag.

I’ve also added:

  • Cream vest
  • Brown opaque tights
  • Red dangly earrings

Now bring on the fancy food.

Have you tried using a capsule wardrobe before? Any handy ideas to help me?

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  1. Am impressed by your challenge!

    I have an accidental capsule wardrobe – I am now allowed to buy new things (unless a desperate necessity) – so have had to learn to recycle the same items over and over. Sometimes it’s fun, and other times it’s infuriating.
    Have been saved by online “swishing” – no idea what I’d have done without it! Just today recieved a long black jersey waistcoat with sequin detail, in return for some shorts that were too small for me (a previous swap item). The waistcoat will create a whole new list of outfit options using my usual capsule items!

    Must say, you have some gorgeous items in your capsule wardrobe. I keep thinking “I could get by with those items” although am aware I probably think that because they’re (excitingly) not mine. 🙂

  2. Thanks Claire! It does look as though lots of people have enforced capsule wardrobes at the moment, mainly because they’re trying not to buy too many things. Swapping/swishing seems like one of the best ways of avoiding boredom if there’s only a micro budget available. Which would you say were the best online swapping services?

    Glad you like the bits and bobs I’ve been putting together – the whole process is certainly making me appreciate what I already have, and how cheeky it is for some of us to wail that they have nothing to wear…

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