Capsule wardrobe: Day 30

The last day of the capsule wardrobe saw me running out of tops and a few other things, but I managed to put one final unique combination of clothes together…

Here’s the outfit:

Green jacket, black skirt, black trainers.

Also added:

  • A black long-sleeved T shirt layered over a grey long-sleeved t-shirt
  • Green and orange tartan tights

This is not something I’d really wear normally, but it looked OK. It was better later in the evening without the jacket, and with black high heels and some punky jewellery added.

Today I’m back in ‘wear whatever you like’ mode. Surprisingly it took less time to get ready this morning, mainly because I wasn’t searching for a completely new combination of garments to wear.

It’s been an interesting experiment for me, and I’ve been impressed at the way it’s got my money’s worth out of the couple of new things I bought to pull everything together. There’s no way I could have managed it without being able to add in plain tops, and interesting tights and jewellery, and a change of footwear for the evening. As the weather gets chillier you also need more layers and a warm coat, so that would need even further modification away from Saint Gok’s original 24 pieces.

If I do another capsule wardrobe I’ll have one less skirt, and swap in either one more dress or another top for cheeriness. Let’s not think about that for the moment though, eh?

How do you think the experiment went? Would you be tempted to try this for yourself? Did you have a favourite outfit?

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  1. Well done you! Must be nice to have all your clothes back. 🙂 I would be tempted to give it a go, but it would require some serious planning. Especially as all my clothes are all over the place at the moment.

  2. Hi Rhian, thanks so much! It is nice to have my clothes back, but I was also really pleased that I got such good value for money out of the capsule clothes. They didn’t gather any dust at the back of the wardrobe, and the cost-per-wear went right down.

    When I planned it, I just decided whether I was going to concentrate on skirts, trousers or dresses (split it evenly between all 3 but would do it differently next time). Then I made a cup of tea and laid things out on the bed to make sure most things matched, and made a mini shopping list for the very few new items needed to pull it all together (shoes, shirt, vest, pair of tights).

    The only real rule is that you need to be able to make 3 different outfits with any one of the items from the 24 pieces. If it’s all there in front of you that can be worked out in seconds.

    It was good fun, and quicker than you might think.

    P x

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