Capsule wardrobe: Day 26 and 27

On Sunday night I was away reviewing a beautiful boutique hotel and a nearby restaurant, so I packed light, but not too scruffy.

Sunday’s outfit:

Silk shirt (worn tucked in), khaki skirt, brown shoes, orange scarf, khaki jacket.

Also added:

  • Tartan tights in khaki and orange
  • Gold and crystal pendant and earrings

Overall effect was a tiny bit Viv Westwood, once the jacket was off.

Monday was a quick get-up-and-go using the skirt from the day before:

Waterfall cardigan, khaki skirt, grey baseball boots.

Also added:

  • A white long sleeved t-shirt
  • A thermal top under the t-shirt (hidden)
  • Grey opaque tights

Just about managed to keep warm in this, but was sorely tempted to put the central heating on. Brrr.

Are you wearing a capsule wardrobe yourself? How’s it going?

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