Capsule wardrobe: Day 24 and 25

Friday the 24th was chilly, and the relative lack of knitwear was becoming a nuisance. To keep it going I basically had to crack out the thermals. It’s OK though, they’re Uniqlo Heattech thermals and look like any other nicely-made long sleeved top. Oh, the glamour.

Here’s the outfit:

Blue jeans, grey and silver top, black waistcoat, black belt, black trainers.

Also added:

  • Hidden long-sleeve thermal top
  • Silver and blue jewellery

On Saturday I was hunting around for a combination I hadn’t tried before, and realised that there are lots of belt loops in my black wraparound skirt. A twist, a knot and hey presto, it turns into a cute little halter neck dress.

Here’s the combo:

Black skirt (worn as mini dress), black waistcoat, black boots, tan bag.

Also added:

  • Black leggings in case of sudden breeze
  • Tan coloured scoop neck long sleeve t-shirt

It was quite a nice girly look, although I would probably have been happier with ankle boots or heels if left to my own devices. Boots are a little too chunky.

What do you think? What are you wearing?

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