Capsule wardrobe: Day 18 and 19

Saturday was a writing-shopping-dinner-and-a-movie kind of day.

Here’s the outfit:

Long-line cardigan (worn done up as a jumper dress), black boots.

Also added:

  • Long black t-shirt
  • Grey leggings

Not bad, trust me when I say that this combination looks better on.

On Sunday I had to run out for groceries, had a recce round the nearest Poundland (details coming soon), went for a walk, and got some cooking and gardening done. Also finally got around to watching Paranormal Activity on DVD. We can safely say that Sunday was not the most glamorous day of the week, but here’s what I wore:

Grey and silver top, orange scarf, black skirt, grey baseball boots, tan bag.

Also added:

  • Grey chevron tights

No idea what I’m going to wear tomorrow because most things are in the wash.

Are you wearing a capsule wardrobe? Do you find it easy to work with?

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  1. I’ve just discovered this and I can’t wait to see how you get on! I’ve got a (very recent) post-baby figure and I’m about to retrieve my autumn/winter clothes from the loft – and I’m conscious not all will fit as well or look as good on as perhaps they did last year!! Am seriously thinking a capsule wardrobe of a few things that make me feel good and look reasonable might be the way to go! (plus a capsule wardrobe leaves far less margin for horrible sleep deprived, getting dressed in a rush fashion errors!!)

  2. Hi Anna – congratulations on your new arrival! Having a few mix and match basics does really help if you’re in a hurry, just make sure it’s all machine washable 🙂 Also, one or two nice new things that fit well can be a bit of a boost while your body starts to come back to normal. Let me know how you get on x

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