Capsule wardrobe: Day 17

Yesterday I got to wear high heels and wear something other than the capsule wardrobe clothes in the evening, but today it’s back to business.

I’m working from home all day on something that requires a lot of attention to detail, so I need to be comfortable, but I also need to look OK for a bistro dinner and cinema trip later.

Here’s what I’m wearing:

Stripy top, black waistcoat, black skirt, grey scarf, black  trainers.

Also added:

  • black ribbed tights

Left to my own devices I would probably wear some ankle boots or black ballerina shoes with an outfit like this, but it’s not bad really.

What are you wearing? Any tips for me?

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  1. I like the outfit, hut am not sure how it would look with black tights and the sneakers….I am totally obsessed with capsule dressing and creating it for myself. I stay at home with my kids, but am trying to sell my makeup line to shops, but my image needs a total do over. Dont have all the money id like to buy clothes, this seems to make sense for my life and budget!

  2. Ive been inspired, going through my old worn out stuff, to see what I can pull together!

  3. Hi Idelissa, welcome to the site! This 30-day experiment is really making me use my clothes a lot more, and I’m getting a lower cost per wear which is good. The black trainers did have to be swapped for some ladylike going out shoes in the evening as it didn’t quite feel right, but they were fine for rushing around close to home during the day. They’re quite streamlined and slim-fitting, which helps a lot.

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