Capsule wardrobe: Day 1

First day of  the experiment, to see how difficult or easy it is to stick to a capsule wardrobe for a whole month.

First outfit:

Green and purple dress, biker boots, khaki bag.

I’ve also added:

  • cream 3/4 sleeve t-shirt under the dress
  • a pair of denim-coloured footless tights

Very simple, comfortable and easy to move around in. Perfect for a full day of writing and photography, and meeting a friend for coffee and cake.

Are you making your own capsule wardrobe, or making a few clever buys for the autumn? Please let me know how you’re getting on.

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  1. Wardrobe looks great! I am interested to see how this works out!! It’s good you made your capsule wardrobe out of clothes you already owned. I blogged in June about how all these ‘thrifty’ style tips and TV programmes around at the moment can actually make you buy more stuff, rather than using what you already have, especially when it comes to beauty products!!

  2. Thanks so much H. I suspect most people could make at least half of a capsule wardrobe out of things they already own, and buying 24 pieces adds up to a lot of time, effort and cash. It’s easier and cheaper for me to pick up one or two things here and there when they’re on offer, so bulk purchases are a bit of a no-no. I’ve edited my makeup bag for the Autumn/Winter season as well, to see whether it saves time in the mornings too.

    Your face creams article is interesting. There’s a limit to what the average moisturiser can do, agreed. Having said that, I’d sooner buy one new product that works than have a cupboard full of things that are wrong for my skin type 🙂 P x

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