Cafe de Bain Softening Shower Creme review

Patisserie de Bain Softening Shower Creme gel wash sweet vanilla madeleine review Penny Golightly

It’s about time we had another gorgeous affordable little treat, so here’s something to make your morning shower much more delicious: a review of the Cafe de Bain shower creme range. Although they’re all lovely, my favourite is the Sweet Vanilla Madeleine, because – let’s face it – you don’t get many opportunities to mention Proust all that often as a blogger. Oh, and it’s a rather nice shower gel too…

The Cafe de Bain collection currently has four fragrances, and each one comes as a shower creme or a bubble bath. They’re possibly inspired by the success of the Patisserie de Bain range from Rose & Co, but the packaging is far more boudoir-ish and the prices are a little lower.

You can choose from Coconut Macaroon, Sweet Vanilla Madeleine (instant transportation to a Proustian childhood not 100% guaranteed but I’m pretty sure you’ll all cope), Cherry & Almond Frangipane, and Raspberry & Rose Creme Tarte. All rather delicious-smelling and pleasantly complex rather than being cloying or sickly sweet.

The general formulation is thick and creamy, although the cleansing ingredients are the same as the ones in most high street shower gels so I didn’t find it especially moisturising or softening, but during the warmer months I tend to prefer shower products that are cleansing and refreshing rather than oily anyway. It hasn’t dried out my sensitive skin though, and the fragrance hasn’t caused any issues either.

All in all, these products give you a more cheery, fun morning shower and they’re a nice little treat that’s very affordable.

The Cafe de Bain range is made by Amie Skincare Ltd and is available at Superdrug with an RRP of £2.99 for the 250ml shower cremes. Right now it’s all better than half price, so you could pick one up for the absolute bargain of just £1.45 if you’re quick!

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