Burberry Runway SS2014 style nails on a budget

The Spring Summer 2014 runway nails collection from Burberry contains some of the hottest shades of the season, and it’s absolutely beautiful. However, it clocks in at £90 and I think it’s reasonable to say that this is out of the price range of most fashion fans.

So I’ve found you some high street dupes with prices starting from just £1. Yes Cinderella, you shall go to the ball (preferably wearing those natty see-though slippers to show off your fabulous pedicure)!

burberry runway nail collection budget dupe dupes Spring 2014

The Burberry nail colours are all opaque, shimmer-free, well-pigmented and extremely glossy. These qualities are increasingly easy to find in high street nail products, but what sets the designer version apart is the shades – often muted, subtle or slightly unusual.

From left to right:

1. Burberry ‘Pale Grape’ >>Strange name. This is actually a fairly dark purple that leans very blue and cool on the nails, with a tiny bit of grey. It’s also the hardest to find a dupe for. The look is striking, sort of ‘Spring Gothic’.

Best dupe: Revlon in Impulsive. A blue-purple that’s close to the original but less muted in tone. RRP £6.49, but currently on sale at £4.99 at Superdrug and in the 3-for-2 Revlon offer at Boots. You may also have some luck on Amazon or eBay.

Also: Rimmel Salon Pro in Punk Rock. Very much in the same colour family as the Burberry version, but a considerably darker shade. RRP £4.49 and currently in the ‘buy 1 get the 2nd half price’ offer at Superdrug and the 3-for-2 offer at Boots.

If you find a better dupe for Burberry Pale Grape then please let me know.


2. Burberry ‘Rose Pink’ >>A light petal pink that leans slightly warm. Fairly hard to find high street dupes for this shade as cheaper brands tend to offer up only cool-toned or Barbie pinks.

Best dupe: L’Oreal Color Riche in Marie Antoinette. Great shade match, but a little on the sheer side. RRP £4.99, available at Superdrug.

Also: Sally Hansen Complete Manicure in Pink at Him. Nice wearable shade, opaque, more expensive but it’s a bigger bottle than the L’Oreal. RRP £6.99, available at Boots. Also available for £6.00 delivered on eBay UK and £5.87 delivered at Amazon UK.


3. Burberry ‘Dusky Mauve’ >>A warm medium-dark shade of mauve with some grey-brown in it. Another ‘Spring Gothic’ kind of colour that you’d probably want to wear in Autumn as well.

Best dupe: MUA nails in Moody Mink. Dusty mauve-grey colour (perhaps a little more neutral than warm) at a bargain price. Just £1 at Superdrug.

Also: GOSH in Mysterious Mauve – very close shade, wears well. It’s £3.99 and also in the ‘buy one get 2nd half price’ offer at Superdrug.

Model’s Own in Purple Ash – warm toned, great shade. The RRP’s £5.00 and it’s in the ‘2 for £8.00’ offer at Boots, or part of the ‘6 for £20.00’ at the Models Own website.


4. Burberry ‘Mink’ >>A light beige-grey with a slightly yellow undertone.

Best dupe: Mavala minis in Ivory Beige 311. Good quality and beautiful flattering colour, but small (5ml) bottle. Available at John Lewis for £4.75 but stocks are running low.

Also: Barry M Gelly nails in Lychee – cheap and performs well. RRP £3.99 and in the ‘2 for £6’ offer at Superdrug and the ‘buy 1 get the 2nd half price’ offer at Boots.

ELF in Desert Haze – needs a good top coat and base coat. It’s £2.50 at ELF UK, but you can get it cheaper if you look out for their regular discount codes on social media.

Revlon Salon Pro in Oh, Mr Darcy – slight pink undertone but still good, and may be more suitable for skintones that don’t suit yellow shades. RRP £4.49 and currently in the ‘buy 1 get the 2nd half price’ offer at Superdrug and the 3-for-2 offer at Boots.


5. Burberry ‘Pale Yellow’ >>A simple shade of pastel yellow.

Best dupe: Sinful Colors in Unicorn cheap, cheerful and good coverage. Job done. Only £1.99 at Boots.

Also: Revlon Top Speed in Electric, Revlon in Sunshine Sparkle and Sally Hansen Complete Manicure in Yellow Kitty, all recently spotted in branches of Poundland. If you can’t find them for £1, buy the Sinful Colors instead because it performs just as well.


6. Burberry ‘Sage Green’ >>Not sage green at all, more of a muted shamrock green with a touch of jade.

Best dupe: Sinful Colors in Envy (not to be confused with Emerald Envy). Pretty spot on, and retailing for under £2. It’s £1.99 at Boots.

Also: Revlon in Posh 571 – great dupe and a lovely shade, but more pricey. RRP £6.49 and currently in the 3-for-2 at Superdrug and the 3-for-2 at Boots.

Barry M Nail Paint in Spring Green – leans a fraction more yellow and less subtle than the original, but still a fun option. It’s £2.99 at Superdrug.

NYC In a New Color Minute in High Line Green – brighter than the original but long lasting and affordable. Just £1.79 at Superdrug, and currently in the ‘buy one get one half price offer’.


A quick note about bottle sizes

Some of the dupes mentioned come in small bottles, so their price per ml can be fairly high even though the bottle price is low. If it’s a high fashion colour that you’re probably only going to wear for one season, it’s more economical to buy a smaller bottle. If it’s a colour you can see yourself wearing for season after season, a bigger bottle with a slightly higher RRP could work out better value.

Have you spotted any other dupes for the Spring Summer 2014 Burberry runway collection nail colours? Do you have any other favourite high street versions of designer polishes?

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