Bottlegreen Pink Tonic Water with elderflower & pomegranate review

Bottlegreen Pink tonic water pomegranate elderflower review

Time for a new treat Under A Tenner, and today we have a review of Bottlegreen Pink Tonic Water with pomegranate and elderflower.

This is a non-alcoholic drink that is sold in packs of four, with each bottle holding 175ml. It’s a very grown up beverage and you can definitely taste the bitterness of the quinine that it contains.

The flavour is balanced mainly with elderflower, and there’s a light, crisp floral taste that lifts the drink really well. The bubbles are light and soft rather than overly fizzy and harsh, and the pomegranate is a slightly fruity back note that isn’t very high up in the mix.

If anything, I suspect the pomegranate might be there to give a splash of colour more than it’s there to give flavour. This tonic water is a pretty pastel pink and looks good in a highball glass.

The flavour is refreshing, and not too sugary. I’d say it is a very nice fit for late spring and summer drinks, and would be something you could serve as an aperitif at a garden party.

It’s primarily designed for mixing with gin or vodka, and I’d say that about 50ml of spirits – or two standard pub measures – per bottle is about right, with some ice and a few thin slices of lemon or lime.

You can also turn it into a simple non-alcoholic cocktail by adding lots of ice and an equal amount of orange juice to counteract the natural bitterness of the quinine.

Bottlegreen Pink Tonic Water with pomegranate and elderflower has an RRP of £2.99 for a pack of four bottles. It’s currently on offer for £1.99 at Waitrose. You can also find it at Tesco and Ocado.

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