Boost Your Mood Tenner Week Day 4: Give out, not in

Tenner Week Boost Your Mood Day 4 Give out not in altruism volunteering

Welcome to Day 4 of the ‘Boost Your Mood’ Tenner Week Challenge, where we’re turning our attention outwards and making a plan to Give out, not in.

Research has found a number of links between doing good deeds – such as acts of giving and kindness – and an increase in wellbeing. So today we’re going to do one small thing to contribute to this.

Saying or doing something kind or helpful gives most people a little boost. Over time, regularly making a contribution can create a sense of purpose and increased self-esteem, and increased connection with other people.

It’s also a way to focus on things outside your own situation and thoughts, which can be a useful tool for gaining perspective and a more positive outlook.

Ideas for small kind actions to try today

  • Offer to help a friend or relative at home or at work
  • Ask someone if they’re okay if they look upset
  • Be extra kind to a pet, or put winter food out for the birds
  • Do some recycling, pick up litter, or run things to a local charity shop
  • Hold a door open for someone carrying heavy bags or boxes
  • Ask about ways to contribute at work: first aid training, fire safety, mentoring
  • Give some spare food to a local foodbank

That should help you get started, and you will probably have some kindness-related ideas of your own.

Some more challenging ways to give or contribute

If you enjoy trying this activity today, think about how you might start taking small actions more regularly. Alternatively, you could look into starting or joining a bigger project that makes a contribution.

For example, you could try:

  • Volunteering for a local or national group or organisation
  • Doing a sponsored activity for a charity or cause you care about
  • Working on a fundraising activity
  • Making a one-off or regular donation to charity
  • Joining an environmental project or group

More useful resources

That’s it for today’s mini-challenge, and I’m feeling inspired to take a few store cupboard items to our local foodbank drop-off point now.

What small act of ‘give out not in’ kindness will you try today? Even smiling at someone might cheer them up if they’re having a tough day.

By the way, if you’d like a free printable spending diary to give your Tenner Week budgeting challenge an even bigger boost, just fill in the form below and click the button.


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