Book review: Style Me Vintage by Belinda Hay

This is a step-by-step book for creating classic/vintage hairstyles, and if you’re thinking about getting into retro fashions then this is almost certainly going to appeal to you.

The book contains lots and lots of pictures to go with the instructions, which is very helpful, and all the hairdressing jargon is properly explained. There’s a handy chapter about essential equipment, followed by eleven distinctive styles to try out, from the simple to the very complex and dated between the early 1940s and the late sixties.

Each style has photographs of classic ‘dos’ on movie stars and other media figures such as Rita Hayworth, Jackie O and Dietrich, but what’s great is that they’ve also included the modern versions to give an up-to-date twist, so you’ll see pictures of Gwen Stefani and the cast of Mad Men too. That makes some of the looks softer and more workable in everyday life.

The design and layout of the book are really pretty, and I think this would make it ideal to give as a gift as well as to buy as a little treat for yourself.

If I had one criticism, it would be that the book doesn’t include the brand names of reliable styling products. It would help first-timers a lot if they got the right hairspray, gel, or setting lotion as it can make a real difference to the end result. Potential buyers should also be warned that most of these styles work best on long or mid-length hair, so if yours is short then you might want to grow it a bit.

To sum up: An attractively-produced book with clear instructions and lots of helpful and inspiring pictures. Probably most suitable for beginners or someone with a little styling experience.

Style Me Vintage by Belinda Hay is published by Anova books and has a RRP of £9.99. It is currently available from Amazon for £7.47.

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  1. Oo what a lovely book! I’m clearly going to start growing my hair again, and I only just got it cut…

  2. Cute, isn’t it? Am tempted to go a bit Veronica Lake for the party season…

  3. Beginner … that’s me!I have a friend who rocks these looks all the time and I am always jealous.

  4. Hi Katherine, nothing wrong with being a beginner. The victory roll styles might be an easy-ish place to start if you’re thinking about trying them for yourself. x

  5. just got given this book as a birthday present and it really is fab, the step by step instructions are simply amazing, I’m a beginner too and often lack in confidence for fear of it going horribly wrong however now have loads of ideas.
    ACE! x

  6. Hi Gemma – so glad you like it too. It’s a lovely thing to be given as a gift. Have lots of glam fun. x

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